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  • Google is not racist

    Google is not racist and no one can show this to be true. I challenge anyone to even define the term "racist." The word has become so overused to advance whatever the narrative of the day is. It's particularly effective because it requires no thought or evidence to back up. People that sling the term around have done more to hurt the cause where real racism exists.

  • No, the internet is one of the few places where race is not a factor

    Google's search engine is contingent upon whatever the human users search--the algorithm is not independent of the people using Google's features. As Google continues to grow and develop, it will need to be aware of AI with racist proclivities, and to continue to conscientiously hire a diverse cohort of capable programmers. However, at present, there is no evidence to substantiate claims of racism.

  • No, Google uses unbiased science to perform its analytics

    No, Google is absolutely not racist. It uses unbiased, scientific algorithms to perform its analytics, advertising, and artificial intelligence research. As a search engine, its job is to return the most relevant results based on search terms. There is absolutely no way that this concept can somehow be morphed into racism, as it is hands-off in terms of being under human control. The computers running the analytics are programmed to be unbiased and appropriate.

  • No, Google algorithms bring up results based on what already exists on the internet.

    In my opinion, Google is not racist simply because the results of certain word groupings differ. Typing in "black teens" over "white teens" yields results of kids who are involved in crime verses simple stock photos because of the way black teens are perceived in the media. News headlines often mention if a person is black, so it becomes a key word for finding information. Google's algorithms bring up the information containing the key word that most popular at the time. Sadly, the disproportionate assault and imprisonment of black citizens causes this to be what is most searched for online. I believe society needs to think about black people in ways not just connected to crime in order for a change to occur. Google is trying to make a tool to find the most searched for information quickly and it seems that this is what searchers are most interested in.

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