• Yes, It's Harmful.

    Count the programs: Medicare and Medicaid (1965), Medicare was extended by Nixon (1972), Health Maintenance Organization Act (1973), Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (1986), State Children’s Health Insurance Program (1997) Medicare expanded by Bush (2003), and of course the Affordable Care Act (2010). Add to that the existence of the Department of Health and Human Services, which has over 300 subsidy programs with an annual budget in excess of $700 billion and over 60,000 employees. Other agencies include the NIH, FDA, CDC, IHS, HRSA, SAMHSA, AHRQ, CMS, ACF, & AOA. It has been estimated that healthcare regulations cost over $250 billion a year. I have been able to obtain a clear idea of the exact number of regulations and laws governing healthcare. Add to this the sum of state and local governments. Then add to this the trouble of the $250 tort litigation "industry," which is imposes costs of close to $30 billion. Throw into the mix the misuse of insurance (pooling risk against unlikely catastrophic events) as Milton Friedman described, which is being used in healthcare as the funding mechanism. Finally, these are the barriers for a new doctor, "The path to practicing medicine is paved with an array of regulatory hurdles implemented by an assortment of bureaucracies. A potential physician must attend a medical school that has received accreditation by a private body, take a national examination administered by another nongovernmental organization, obtain licensure from a state medical board, complete a hospital residency that is funded and governed by the federal Medicare program, achieve certification from a private specialty board, and obtain clinical privileges at a hospital that may operate as either a private or public entity. To receive payment for services and actually earn a living, it is often also necessary for a physician to qualify for participation in Medicare and in the network of a managed care organization (MCO)." There is no free market in the healthcare industry. It is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country.

  • Government intervention is not ruining healthcare in America.

    Healthcare in the United States has been compromised for some time now.The government would would have had to step in sooner or later and this is as good as a time as any.More people will be able to be covered and the overall health of the population will be improved.

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