• Yes, Greenland is being threatened by global warming.

    Yes, Greenland is being threatened by global warming. Global warming will melt the ice sheets there, leading to a worst-case scenario of a six to seven feet rise in sea level. This would be catastrophic for the Greenland and for the world as this rise in the sea level would lead to dire consequences.

  • Yes, it is.

    Global waming could melt all the ice in Greenland and leave it underwater. This would be very bad for Greenland. Even if it is not completely underwater, Global warning will greatly effect the ecosystem of Greenland, just like it is doing in the rest of the world, but at a faster rate.

  • Global warming is a global issue.

    As it says in its name, global warming is a global issue that impacts the entire planet. Each corner of the globe sees the effects of global warming in different ways–different areas facing different challenges based on their geographical location and the natural environmental features of that individual location. Greenland is definitely just as threatened by global warming as the rest of our planet.

  • Everywhere is feeling the effects

    Greenland, like the rest of the planet is threatened by global warming. I'm in Florida and it is blisteringly hot here right now. Greenland is no different. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, which is leading to ocean levels rising. No matter how much others try to convince you that there is no global warming you can just look around you with the flooding, tornadoes, wild fires etc.

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