• Yes, it is.

    What studies like this, and many more, are showing is that melting will be much faster than anything serious and incredibly conservative scientists have dared to project. Between what's happening at the South Pole along with this in Greenland, coupled to the lack of any slow down in our GHG injections and unavoidable increasing GHG concentrations in our atmosphere . . . . . you can bet we are going to see that 8" of sea level rise way the heck before 2100. ~~~
    We have become so disconnected from this Earth that we depend on for everything. How most can remain blind to what we have done, is beyond comprehension.

  • Global Warming Melting Ice

    Greenland's environment is sustaining severe damage due to the melting ice sheets caused by global warming. People do not really think about how global warming is affecting the areas with a lot of ice such as Greenland. Melting ice causes flooding and many other problems that affect the environment directly and indirectly.

  • Yes, it is.

    Greenland has had some major enviromental damage over the last 100 years. This is obvious because there is less ice in this country than there once was, and natural disasters are more prevelent. THere are other indicators as well, including poor air and water quality compared to 100 years ago.

  • I'm sure it is.

    The entire world is suffering from the effects of pollution's and man's ever increasing greed. I'm sure Greenland is not immune from the effects of fossil fuel usage and development. Even though Greenland is somewhat isolated and has a harsh climate, I'm sure the people who live there and the industries based there are doing a fair amount of damage to the environment.

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