• Gun control is necessary.

    There are far too many guns on our streets, in our schools, and in our homes, for us to feel safe as a people. Something needs to be done about the proliferation of these deadly weapons before it is too late to make a change at all. This should be obvious.

  • Good to an extent

    I think this question can go either way, to be honest. Of course I think gun control is "good" if it could help put an end to violence, especially school shootings. However, it could be bad because some people look at it s taking one of rights away from us.

  • No, I think gun control is bad.

    I think overall gun control does more harm then good, gun controls restricts the access of law abiding citizens to be able to easily purchase and own a firearm for the variety of lawful uses you can use a gun for such as hunting or self protection, the people committing gun crime will obtain the gun regardless of any gun control.

  • Gun control is bad.

    Gun control is bad. I think this because if you take the guns away from the good people that are simply trying to defend themselves when something bad happens, you are limiting this person helpless. Many of the crimes we have today is because only the bad guys are carrying guns. The Colorado movie shooting would not have been that bad if citizens were able to carry guns and defend themselves.

  • Gun control doesn't stop bad people from having guns. It just stops good citizens from using them to defending themselves, their family and fellow citizens.

    Gun control only stops good people from being armed, but it doesn't stop the criminals from having guns. If some one is going to go shoot people, I don't think stealing someone's gun is a huge deal to them. But, for those good law abiding citizens; gun control will stop them from being armed and defending themselves, their family and other citizens.

    Two banks, same amount of money, no guards. Think about it, if you wear a "bad guy" and you were going rob a bank with a gun (for what ever reason) which bank would you rob; The bank full of armed, trained and committed citizens ready and trained to defend themselves, their family and other citizens? Or the one full of un-armed citizens that have never seen a gun outside of a movie?

    If some one pulled out a gun in an un-armed bank they would be able to kill as many people they had bullets for. If someone pulled out a gun in a bank full of armed and trained citizens, 1, maybe 2 shots, max, then their dead or disabled and the maximum casualty's would be 3, not everyone.

    If you were a "bad guy", would you rather pull out a gun in a police station or in a "no gun zone"?

    Jason G.

  • It makes us unsafe.

    No, gun control is not good, because gun control is something that makes us less safe. There are many governments, that over the course of history, have turned on their people. They have victimized them and even killed them in the name of society. We have to be able to fight back with guns.

  • Control Is Bad

    I do not believe gun control is inherently good or bad, its just different. Gun control doesn't stop people from obtaining guns, but it may make people think twice and some may elect not to get one just because of the red tape required. At the same gun control limits freedom, which isn't always good.

  • Controlling,taxing ,struggling Britain

    Give us some space!!!,now on the subject at hand,owning a gun here is so much hassle.Besides the restrictions on everything and definitely no handguns or semi automatic rifles above.22.I had both firearms and shotguns until 10 years ago,each renewal got tighter and more expensive.Guns to me represent so many things and there beauty,feel and basic components are just a few.Thinking of getting them back,but it's pretty daunting and over here I know it's a taboo to own guns.I often think about you guys over the water,good luck to you and lucky you at this moment.

  • It does more harm than good.

    Gun control does not prevent gun crime. It just deprives people of their right to self defense. Gun bans already exist, and don't work. Outlawing firearms makes law-abiding citizens easy targets for criminals. Gun control does more harm than good. Gun bans make no difference. Criminals will always figure out a way to illegally get a gun. Even if they can't get a firearm, criminals will always commit crimes, regardless of what weapons they have at their disposal. Also, bear in mind the fact that the worst ever massacre was done not with a gun, but with a bomb and the subsequent fire that it caused. Gun control does not work. The founding fathers of the U.S. would turn over in their graves if they knew the country was giving up their protection.

  • Wrong Name, Wrong Reasons

    The name gun control gives lawmakers and politicians to much leeway. A better name would be Gun regulation, this name is less easy to twist to a political agenda. And to an extent some form of gun regulation is needed (for instance to be honest I really don't want to see someone going down the street with a .50 cal. Machine gun on their pickup) but California's ban on lead bullets is just a tad bit ridiculous.
    The entire ting is for the wrong reasons. Gun Control activists say that taking, or severely regulating guns will stop crime, lets take a look at Mexico, one legal gun shop and a crap lode of gun violence, with ONE GUN STORE the US has 129,817 legal gun stores an in perspective actual homicides are only approximately 1/3 of all gun violence, only a small portion considering all deaths annually from all causes of death, we would be saving more lives trying stop suicide,

  • It is harmful to society

    Cities such as Chicago Detroit and DC have some of the strictest gun laws and the highest crime rates. This is because when a gun control law passes, the law abiding citizens hand over their guns. While the criminals, who DO NOT follow the law, can trade them in secret illegal trade rings. Disarming good guys and arming the bad guys. A vote for gun control is a vote for taking innocents guns away and giving them to murderers.

  • Takes away the common mans line of defense

    If you think gun control will take guns out of criminal hands your wrong that's where the black market comes in and the the citizens don't have any way to defend themselves because by the time the police get there you may be dead. Then what good will that do?

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