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  • There's just so many of them.

    No, gun violence is not America’s number one problem. Sin-related separation from God is America’s number one problem. The attempted ousting of God from the school systems, jobs, military and movies is the biggest problem. if I had to pick a runner-up to that problem, I guess I would choose drugs. Way too many Americans are on drugs, and it just doesn’t have to be that way.

  • No, gun violence is not America's worst problem.

    Gun violence is a problem, but far from the worst America is facing today. A crazed gunman can cause local tragedies, but those scars heal. The community lives on. The increasing societal and political polarization has much more fundamental destructive force, threatening the very fabric of America. The stratospheric national debt and a rapidly deteriorating middle class pours gasoline on the same fire.

  • Not by a long shot.

    Cars, hammers, knives, and even hands and feet are used to kill people much more often than guns are. Violence, no matter what's used to commit it, is a problem. Corruption in politics, terrorism, disease, etc are much bigger problems.

    Also, ALL violent crime has been going down for the last decade or two.

  • Gun violence is not America's number one problem

    Gun violence is not the number one problem facing the United States. Although it is problematic, the number of homicides committed by gun is still low, particularly by historical standards. There are other issues facing America that are more pressing, such as the lack of earnings growth and the spread of nuclear weapons.

  • Gun violence is not America's number one problem.

    America has a number of problems that are greater than gun violence, including racism, political corruption, a broken health care system, and economic disparity. While gun violence is a huge problem in America, these other problems are equally critical and solving them would help to lead to a better quality of life for all Americans.

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