• Habitat destruction affects humans.

    When we destroy an animals habitat, it effects us in many ways. One way that it affects us is that when certain animals that we rely upon, such as bees, start to die out, we won't have access to the fruit that they pollinate. Another way we are affected is that with their homes gone, they are forced into cities and can be dangerous.

  • Habitat destruction affects all ecosystems

    Destruction of natural habitats affects all of the world. Although destroying habitats to allow construction to take place on that land can benefit the human population, this is not naturally sustainable. When too much of the ecosystem is destroyed, it will be very difficult for the land to regenerate on its own, which will affect both the animals who relied on that land, and the humans who were in contact with those animals in some way.

  • Why do we do this

    It never affected us as it would cause animals to move out of homes or even die out and we wouldn't change because of that. As a race in a whole, we aren't affected but the animals are completely but if we carry on with this, we will kill out the animals we depend on and then we will be affected but as of today, we aren't as a species in a whole.

  • Loss of habbitat

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  • It is effecting the animals not the humans

    Just stop destroying animals homes we know it is hurting
    them so why are we doing it, it is making them move to different
    habitats why are we doing this.M m m m mm m m m mm m m m mm mm m mm mm m m m m

  • Habitat destruction because of construction

    Habitat destruction is not affecting humans, it's affecting the animals that need a home! How would you feel if you didn't have anywhere to go and they took your home away from you. Think about that before you judge!Animals are nothing but adorable and harmless little cuties that only want one thing "LOVE"

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