Is Halloween bad for Christians, Catholics, Jews?

Asked by: Amosjunior
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  • No way jose

    I'm christian and I celebrate Halloween (when I can) I don't get the crap at church what they lecture about Halloween. Its just like costume party. Plus free candy. So No it is not bad, dressing up like a monster doesn't mean you worship one. I really really love halloween!!!

  • Halloween is just another holiday

    Halloween may mean many things, but mostly it means candy and costumes. The idea that this is somehow "bad" for religion is blatantly ridiculous. No matter what strange or bizarre beginnings this holiday had, it's now just another retail marketing opportunity, just like Christmas and Easter. Halloween actually appears to be good for the economy and bad for no one.

  • Of course not

    I am a christian and no, so far Halloween hasn't been much of a big deal for me. You just celebrate it as you would any other holiday. Now, that's what I thought at first, but now, Halloween is a brawl for me, now that I'm older. I don't exactly want to go into full detail, but know, for all the Christians I know, we have problems on Halloween.

    Posted by: kthx

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