Is harming and/or killing for religion justifiable? Yes(Agree) or No(Disagree)

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  • It's very harmful

    Religion deserves no more respect than a pile of garbage. – H. L. Mencken
    Isn’t killing people in the name of God a pretty good definition of insanity? – Arthur C. Clarke

    IM AN ATHEIST AND GOD DOES NOT EXIST, YOU ARE CREATED BY CHANCE EVOLUTIONARY CYCLE... SOMETHING IS NOTHING AND YOU GO TO WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE BIRTH OF AN ANIMAL, GOD IS A LIE AS WELL AS SANTA... I can't some believe in Santa and god 😂😂😂 There is literally no more prove than any of the thousand of religions... The abrahamic god contradicts all loving being can't hurt humans forever... IT IS A CONTRADICATION WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE AND PROVES THERES NO GOD... PLANET EARTH WAS A ACCIDENT

  • Harming/killing is not justifiable for any reason besides protection of yourself or someone else in immediate danger.

    Religion does not give people immunity so that they can kill others. NEVER is it okay to make someone suffer because of what you believe. Everyone is entitled to beliefs and opinions, and if your belief is that some individuals or groups should be harmed, you can think that. But if you start hurting someone (physically or emotionally), you are breaking laws.

  • Committing violent acts because of religion is irrational, and violence is not protected by the idea of freedom of religion.

    It cannot be justifiable in the same way that it is not really justifiable that, if you are insane, you should be freed of your charges in court--you must still be punished for your actions. What you would plead if you were to suggest that your religion dictates you go out and kill people who do not believe, or you cannot persuade to believe, then you are pleading for insanity, a mental deficit. Christians should not go out killing atheists like myself because we choose not to believe, nor should Muslims engage in violent jihad (lesser jihad). If religion is meant as a unifying force, then violence is not truly the way to go about unifying people--it should be based on the persuasive argument you engage in with a potential convert, rather than by force. Violence due to religion is detrimental and results in purposeless death of many people, which is nothing that a functioning society should tolerate under the notion of freedom of religion.

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