• Harry Potter is better than Twilight

    First, the Harry Potter series is better written with foreshadowing and complex plots. Also, there are no plot holes. Second, the Harry Potter series is more financially successful. In the box office, the Harry Potter movies have brought in eight billion while Twilight has only brought in two billion. Third, the Harry Potter characters are well-written, complex characters and many of them are good role models. And Harry Potter has a theme park!

  • Does Harry Know How To Use A Wand? YES!

    These Harry Potter books were a new world for children to grow up in and grow with. The kids in the books were struggling with good and evil, friendships, loss, and everything else. Twilight is just a story about a girl who is in love with a wolf and a vampire. It is poorly written (compared to Harry Potter Series) and has no substance. There is no great struggle other than Wolves and Vampires hate each other and a girl who can't decide between them. Give me Harry Potter and not Twilight!

  • Yes, by a long shot

    Harry Potter gave children a world to get lost in and characters to fall in love with. Twilight shows a dependent, not at all healthy relationship between a young girl and her vampire boyfriend and little more. Harry Potter was also much better written and the female lead in the series wasn't a girl who had to rely on the boys to save her. Rather, she was the intelligent one and just as important as the character the series was named for.

  • Harry Potter Is Better

    Harry Potter is much better than Twilight. The books were more popular and the movies were better. Harry Potter movies also did much better at the box office than Twilight did. Twilight is good but I do not think that it is in Harry Potter's league. Harry Potter is definitely better.

  • Harry Potter is the BEST!!!!

    Okay, so first of all twilight fans are going on and on about how "JK copied Stefanie" but FYI HP came out first so, yeah. Second, what does the swirly g in twilight even mean?!?! The lightning bolt/scar in the P in Potter stands for well, Harry's scar (duh). Then, the box sets. The twilight box set comes as a cardboard box with the covers printed on it, not original at all. Harry Potter's box set on the other hand are very original since the books come in a trunk and has meaning to it (like Harry's trunk when he goes to Hogwarts). And finally, twilight fans say there is no love in HP, like really?!?!? SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE FOR YOUR CHILD ISEN'T ENOUGH, LIKE, ALL BELLA WANTED WAS A BOYFRIEND!!
    With those arguments there is no doubt about it, Harry Potter is the best and will live on ALWAYS since JK dedicated her life to HP. As for twilight.... Well we shall see in a couple of year it'll fade away since it was just Stephanie's summer project for her to do something and not be bored all the time .

  • Like a snail to a raven

    I would have to vote Harry Potter.

    Now, I'd like to say first of all that I'm biased, because I never read the Twilight series. And do you know why? Because three-quarters of my friends all pleaded me never to 'join the dark side', the highly dreaded Twilight!

    My friends told me that Twilight is the tale of a vampire--regular girl relationship which ends badly. They said that the writing was corny and hard to imagine, and that it showed a bad example for girls worldwide. I might add that Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley are great examples for children worldwide.

    While J.K. Rowling came up with all this in a mere dream, the author of Twilight had her 'spark' from a book, which I think is really saying something.

    Again, like a snail to a raven, Twilight could never catch up to Harry Potter! Not to mention that every time, the Harry Potter movies get better income.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Oh, Isn't it obvious?

    All I am going to say is that in the least selling Harry potter movie, The Prisoner of Azkaban, made even more than the bestselling Twilight movie. So if you think that does not prove something, than you need to be hit in the head with the Order of the Phoenix, or something smaller, like a fridge.

  • Twilight can never be better.

    I have read a fact somewhere that Stephanie Meyer got the idea of Twilight from a book.

    'It doesn't do to dwell on dreams and forget how to live.'
    -Albus Dumbledore (HP Sorcerer's Stone)

    Meyer has even copied characters. Harry Potter will always be the best.
    And if you say that Harry Potter doesn't have love then I will 'Avada Kedavra' you. The whole series is based on love. Harry survived the killing curse because his mother loved him.

  • Too many big words in Twilight

    Their are lots of fancy, big adjectives in Twilight, just to distract readers from the sucky plot. Like every other paragraph is used to describe how "hot" the characters are, but I can't exactly visualize these characters very well. For example, we can all imagine Harry as a little boy with messy black hair and round glasses, but what in the world does a "heavenly" face look like exactly?

  • No competition. Harry Potter.

    I'm going to put you into the shoes of a twelve-year-old girl with major trust issues. She hasn't let anyone in since her older brother ran away and her mother was diagnosed. She, as was done many times before, was crying herself to sleep. But to her, she was not alone. Hugged to her chest was a book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She closed her eyes, tears still flowing freely from her spheres of stormy-blue, and imagined the book. She imagined Fred, eyes staring without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face. She imagined Ron and Hermione, lips pressed against one another, an image of pure bliss and love. She imagined Harry, sacrificing himself for the greater good. She imagined herself, pressed against the cold stone wall in the middle of a raging Hogwarts war, watching Tonks crumble to the ground, watching Percy with a furious look, determined to avenge the brother he never got to truly love. She imagined herself truly happy, watching her childhood, her whole life fold out before her eyes, and for the first tim that day, she smiled, thinking of Bill and Fleur's wedding, herself twirling and spinning between the mass of people, with only thoughts of returning to Hogwarts for her final year, until suddenly she's camping with the Golden Trio, watching Ron leave and Harry staring at Ginny's footprints on the map.
    She's happy. She truly is. Something Twilight could never, not in a million years bring to her. She has her true love, her best friends, her family and her whole world hugged against her chest, the smell of old paper and the feel of worn spine beneath her soft fingers. And she knows, that in that moment, nothing could ever get anymore perfect. She isn't relying on herself. She's relying on the words, the most inexhaustible magic there was.
    Does twilight, in all honesty, bring that to you?

  • No, It Is Not

    There really is no reasonable measure to say that one franchise is better than the other. Harry Potter and the Twilight series both have their respective pros and cons. I cannot conclusively argue that one side is better than the other. I may prefer Harry Potter, but I believe that the Twilight series is more financially successful.

  • TWILIGHT is the BEST!

    Twilight is by far more better than the Harry Potter series due to many reasons. To be honest, I've only read the Twilight books not the Harry Potters one so my opinion will be based on the movies. Harry Potter seemed so predictable and obvious the bad person in the movie was always the same professor. It seemed like the story was told over and over again. Yes it does have a nice ending to it but ugh I got annoyed after awhile. And as for Twilight the story even though we all knew she would end up with Edward it kept the story interesting. Their love made war come upon but nothing could divide them, and I think that exactly why its better. But this is just my opinion, I would write more but ehh.....

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