• It's Not Part of Educated Discussion

    The term is too much of a shorthand for hating something, giving us no reason why someone does, since their reason might be valid. Also, there is no equivalent lover term, and love and hate are both valid reactions, depending on when. Even to refer to a negative person as a hater, neglects nuances and shows nothing stark about what they hate, why and whether its appropriate or even if they hate more than average. Also, the term is Internet culture and would not be taken seriously in higher education.

  • Used By Immature People Who Don't Have Anything Better To Say

    It's natural that we like some things that others don't, and it's the other way around. But too many people can't accept this simple fact. This,'if you don't like it, don't watch/listen/read', and 'you're just jealous' are so trite and infantile that I cannot take anyone who uses these as arguments seriously. Some people can be plain caustic. But this is no way to deal with it.

  • It's so painfully stupid, I swear.

    I honestly would never take seriously anyone who uses the word "hater / haters" because it's not a solid argument to rely on... Everyone can disagree with whatever someone has to say, no matter what it is. "Hating" is a part of life, not a fucking sin, Sweet Jesus people, get your shit together.

  • Criticizing things is healthy and moves things forward.

    So fuck anyone who uses "hater" to adress criticism. Criticism is dynamic, healthy, and keeps things moving on. Can't stand the fucking idiots who call you a "hater" everytime you say you don't like something.
    What's the opposite of being a hater, validating every single nauseating mediocre shit our times spew on a daily basis? What some fucking retards call "hating" is actually the last safeguard that keeps us from sinking ever so faster in idiotic and bad productions, be it in music, cinema...
    Fucking butthurt tweens crying rivers of blood cuz you said their favourite TV show is utter shit.

  • It's Exclusively Used By Liberals

    We all know liberals are weak minded, emotionally frail people who don't have the stomach to even consider accepting someone else's viewpoint. So they use this obnoxious sissy word in a feeble attempt to sissy their way out of having to deal with the emotional pressure of logic. If you're unfortunate to have to listen to one of these mental midgets use the word, they will most likely combine it in in a sentence with other words, usually ending with the last three letters ism. Sexism, Racism, etc.

  • Yes it is

    The word "hater" is a pretentious word used by insecure people who cannot handle criticism. It's used by those who are trying too hard to be tough and independent, acting like they do not care, and need a word to label those who disagree with them. When I see "hater" I always think about an edgy teenager at a computer desk who tries hard to rebel against the world.

  • Simply Describes One Who Hates

    a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.
    "a man hater"
    Why should a word that just means "One who hates" be associated with such a negative connotation? I'm a hater, as in I hate ketchup. That doesn't make me a bad person. As well, the negative connotation attached to the word makes it as hypocritical as anything.

  • Typical lemming-like expression

    Used by feeble- minded people who likely heard one of today's talentless 'celebrities' use it so it must be good. Similar to those who use 'ist' words to shut down debate when they don't have an argument, although they are not bright enough to know that's the case. Rather than hear an opposing view and debate or argue in a rational, adult and convincing way. Could be said as an incarnation of that awful banal saying of some years ago; 'talk to the hand' compete with wobbling head and hooped earrings. Just let them get on with it, it's meaningless to those of us who are informed and insightful.

  • Such a hipster word!

    What can be more annoying than a stupid fucking retard using mainstream and overused words? You got that right! NOTHING! Why the fuck is it also in music now... Damn, we have a shitty generation. Sometimes I just wished that all hipsters just died in the most brutal way possible...

  • Most overused word

    Usually uneducated and people lacking total self awareness use this word. Yes, there are real "haters" out there, but most people use it to attack those who disagree with them. Ie. "Oh you don't like my favorite flavor of ice cream?? You're a hater! "

    Usually the people who use this word are really angry and more filled with hate than the people they are accusing. Ie. "Every other tennis player who isn't my favorite sucks and deserves to die, but don't you dare not love my favorite or you are a hating and a hater."

  • Hater is a word to describe someone.

    Some people in the comments say haters is a dumb word. A hater is a person that wants to be just as good as you or even better then you. This means they are jealous of you for some reason. Not only that but they will want to slow you down from achieveing something in life or even stop you. Kind of like a bully. A hater can also be someone that picks on you for no reason. This is normally just so they can't find something to hate on. This can also mean that they are just randomly hating on people. Its ridiculous really. They say they are picking on you for a good reason but all there reasons is BS (most of the time). In conclusion, haters are selfish, ignorant, rude, mean, know it alls, and jealous. Sometimes, haters are so mean that they will want to ruin your reputation. They will always try find a way to harass you. You block thir phone number, they harass you on gmail, you mark as spam, they find you on a video game, you report them and they get banned, they harass you in the mall, you get a restraining order, they find your girl friends number and so on. But there is always going to be people like them. So be nice to others.

  • No, there is such a category of people

    I don't think "haters" is a stupid word. It defines a certain catetory of people - people who just hate something and respond accordingly. No matter how you talk to them, they will react in an angry, hostile way because this is their position. They choose to cling to their hate.

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