• It is dangerous

    A fetish is usually discovered, very silently. Then, just like cancer, it grows, and silently eats up our insides. Don't think that I am against the people who have a fetish. I myself have a fetish. That is why I know the effect that it can have on people. Fetishes finish the social life of a person. The mind becomes polluted, and the person is not really able to concentrate on day to day work.

  • I have a fetish.

    I have missed out on most of my childhood because my parents abused me. They didn't potty train me until I was 11. I have been in diapers for half my life and they are the only thing that make me feel safe. My adopted parents think it's an issue and I'm trying to prove them wrong but I want to hear others opinions.

  • Not in the least

    I think one reason why people shun fetishism, is only because they themselves are at odds with it. The trick with fetishism is this: only those with similar fetish will understand said fetish. Those who don't have same likes, won't 'get it' and therefore may be inclined to make fun of it or be scared of it.

  • I do not think so

    In my opinion I do not think that having a fetish is evil. Even thought I do not have a fetish (or I am not aware that I have one) I still think that we should respect and understand the likes of those who have one. Please, do not make a big fuss about it. I have searched up some tickle fetish art on a Art website, and on about every one there was that 1 person who was hating or saying "Kill your self" or "Get right with god" Please, Just cease the fire.

  • Having any fetish isn't a bad thing.

    There is surprisingly a lot of people with some sort of fetish, foot fetish is very common, but usually isn't for sex or anything sexual but for "pleasure" or even fulfilling a "need" But no there is nothing wrong with having a foot fetish because everyone has some sort of fetish or addicition its completely normal.

  • I have a foot fetish and I'm proud

    For the first few years of my life, I found that most people think feet are gross. I for one don't think so and it hurts me on the inside when people say that. My fetish is still a secret to most but those who do know I have one are ok with it.

  • Prevents Abuse, Rape

    A literal fetish means having sexual feelings towards inanimate objects such as shoes, socks, clothes, etc. Whatever works for each person, to each his/her own, is fine. Having a fetish for a piece of rubber is better than child abuse or raping someone. A fetish is less evil than trying to assert control over another human being in the most heinous way imaginable.

  • Nope. Its preference.

    Just like not all beer drinkers prefer Budweiser, not all people enjoy or are stimulated by vanilla or mainstream sexual activity. There's nothing wrong with it, per se, so long as those involved are both consenting to the activity. I've never understood why people need to examine if fetishism is morally correct or not - its a morally ambiguous topic, really - you like what you like, you're turned on by what you're turned on by.

    Its not for anyone to judge and if you're comfortable and getting off as a result, as long as its not involving a child, I say go for it and smoke em if you got em.

  • Fetish is indistinguishable from preference.

    Taking the commonly accepted definition of “Fetish” as “preference for something that is taboo to society”, it could be argued that many fetishes are detrimental to society as a whole. That said, it must be considered whether the fetish itself effects the public itself or not.

    For the specific case- such as “wearing Diaper as an adult”, it is merely preference for a certain article of clothing. Such preference is ultimately within the rights of the individuals, and could not affects the people tangibly.

    Therefore, the factor we must consider is thus – “Does a person having a fetish affects the overall happiness in a positive or negative manner?”

    If the fetish act on only the person that have them, then it is their own choice, and thusly must be acceptable under the theory of Autonomy. If the fetish doesn’t act on any other person but the one who have them, then it must be acceptable under the theory of Paternalism.

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