Is having a lot of rules better than having a lot of freedom?

  • The world without laws?

    Can you imagine a world without laws? It would be completely chaotic, and world of crime, because if people can get away with it, they will do it. And have you imagined the roads without rules? Driving would be completely impossible and a lot of people would get injured...Modern society would not exist without rules!

  • Having rules can keep us in check.

    With rules, it regulates how much crime happens. Yes, crime can happen at anytime, but imagine how much there would be WITHOUT rules and laws. Also, with rules, we are more aware of our limitations. If we had no limitations on freedom, people would definitely take advantage of that opportunity.

  • Rules could keep us safe.

    With out rules, people could do what ever they want and this could be a benefit for some but imagine those people who are bad?

    These days, countries had establish rules, some more strict than others, but yet even with rules awful things still happen. Drugs, murder, they still happen even if there is still rules but what if every thing is legal? More Dreadful things will happen and the world will fall apart.

  • Certain rules keep yourself on the right track

    Freedom does show human beings but because it is too unlimited, crimes will increase a lot more as well conflicts and wars. If there are freedom for everyone they could just do what they want, e.g. someone can just buy a gun and shoot someone... Of course, too many rules aren't going to work either, look at our society today, many rules didn't limit our freedom or as well controlling us.

  • Rules and Wars

    Without rules, wars will not go the way it is-without rules, soldiers will not understand the true meaning of discipline and will fight the way they want to fight. This will cause an enormous chaos in the battlefield. Definitely not good at all.... There will be lots of casualties indeed!

  • Freedom should also be given

    Imagine what if people were cage, they would feel that they are imprisoned and their mentality goes down.They would even end up with no spiritual happiness.Allowing people to have freedom would made them to face problems and find solutions for them,so that they could develop confidence and a good personality in the society.There are futhermore benefits by having freedom

  • It is better to be free

    Only with freedom can we know who we really are as human beings. Too many rules impose one way of thinking, doing, and being on everyone and can lead to disaster as we've seen with totalitarian regimes throughout history. This does not mean we don't need to have rules. We do, but freedom is more important. The two posters in "yes" so far are employing strawman arguments acting like having more freedom than rules automatically means that there aren't any rules at all.

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