Is having a pro-life stance on abortion considered conservative and anti-progressive?

Asked by: Knightrius
  • It undermines womens' rights

    In my opinion, it is anti-progressive. Being pro-life seems noble, but it denies women the right to choose what happens to their bodies and emotional state. To make progress, we must accept that women have the right to decide what happens in their own life, not deny them abortion because it's apparently 'murder'.

  • "considered conservative" Yes!

    This is just a silly question. If you are looking for progressives or liberals that are pro-life, sure you can find them. You can find conservatives that are pro-choice. The preponderance of pro-life have a right to far right lean, and pro-choice is the opposite.

    Whats the point? What is the question really?

    Posted by: TBR
  • It's not anti progressive

    Democrats for life is a group of pro life democrats that seek to protect unborn babies. I'm not liberal or conservative. I have conservative views on some issues and liberal views on other issues. I'm pro life because I believe that everyone deserves a chance. I don't hate women and I'm not anti progressive.

  • I am just on the side of babies :D

    It just seems weird that liberal, left of centre parties such as the Democrats, the Libertarians and the Greens are all pro-choice. I understand that they are merely giving a women the right to choose, but seriously, which mother would like to kill their baby? And even keeping politics aside, isn't it ethically wrong to kill a foetus (now that its biologically proven that a foetus is a living being)

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