• Of course it's an issue!

    People are intimidated by height, and short men are very undesired in the dating world and the workforce. AND they're paid less because no matter how competent they are, tall men usually get the high-paying jobs. Even more so, short people get no respect whatsoever, and are usually are given the villain role as actors.

  • YES! People who discriminate short or tall people are just evil.

    Everybody is unique in their own way whether they are short, tall, fat or skinny people should accept them for who they are and not what they look like. Life isn't about how you look, its about who you are on the inside. To all people out there don't let anybody tease you or be mean to you because of your height. You are perfect the way you are. <3 :)

  • Yes, people are cruel.

    Yes, heightism is a problem in America, because Americans tend to judge people based on the way they look. Taller, more beautiful people are treated better. This is also true in America with people who appear to have more money. In America people are nicer to people who are taller and better looking. It is very unfair.

  • No, it is not.

    I am sure there are a few individuals who are heightism related, but overall I would think it is not much of an issue. I have known quite a few people who are shorter than 5 ft and have never had any complaints in there life. I think people do not really notice.

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