Is helicopter parenting harming child development?

  • It doesn't allow independency.

    How's a child supposed to face the world one day if they have helicopter parents? Their parents won't be there for them forever and always, someday they're going to have their own life. And what about when their parents die? What would the child do? Their helicopter parents didn't teach them independency, so how could they survive the big world without them?

  • It makes kids feel uncomfortable

    They cant do what they want when they want. They might not have very many friends if the parents wont let them hang out with their friends. Yeah sure they might do well in school but if they are done with homework after they should have fun. The end yeah

  • Yes it can be harmful

    Helicopter parenting can be very harmful to child development. If we smother the child too much thery will never learn to fend for themselves. Sometimes the best way to teach kids to get over pain or misfortune is to let them experience it first hand. Helicopter parenting is not good for our future.

  • It's humiliating to kids.

    Helicopter parenting is one of the worst forms of parenting that I've ever seen. The parents are shrill and insistent, and the kids involved are completely humiliated by it. Parents would do well to teach their children to be as independent as possible, as early as possible. You can't be there for your kids forever, and they need to fight their own battles.

  • Yes, helicopter parenting harms child development.

    Helicopter parenting prevents children from dealing with adversity on their own. Misguided helicopter parenting can even teach a child bad moral values. The problem is obvious when you look at how many 20 to 30 year old adults currently live with their parents and have no job. This is a result of helicopter parenting taking care of all of the child's problems.

  • Helicopter Parenting Bad for Child Development

    Study after study has shown that helicopter parenting is terrible for child development. The fact of the matter is that parents who hover above their children don't allow them to grow. With that in mind, this form of parenting is harmful for child development in so many ways. Children shouldn't grow up depending upon their parents for everything.

  • No I don't think it is that bad

    I don't think helicopter parenting is having that negative of an effect on child development. Yes it can be annoying and can sometimes stifle a child but in most cases the parenting style is harmless in the long run. You should not be a helicopter parent but in time your child will get over it.

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