Is high school graduation worth having a party over?

Asked by: esalama
  • There is always a reason to party

    Party for whatever. Life's short, have some fun. Especially since you accomplished a goal. Between 17 and 22 I partied just for getting making it to payday. Hell, I had a party when I got my GED. Here's a secret. If you spend your whole life chasing an excuse to have fun, you're gonna die early, sad, and alone.

  • Its a big accomplishment.

    It is a very big accomplishment. Graduating high school and moving onto college is a big milestone and something that kids should be proud of.Kids who have gotten through high school have gone through a lot and deserve to have their hard work recognized. High school graduation parties are great.

  • I Like Men

    I Like Men I Love Men so much I just want to chug down that thick loaf of meat so it splits my esophagus in two, I want to take that eggplant and cram it in me until it bursts, I want to swallow that creamy love juice and bathe in it. Having no graduation partys helps me love men more so i'm voting no

  • No. It is trivial.

    Please, graduating high school is not an accomplishment. It is easy if not trivial to do. It is definitely not worth having a party over. Having a dinner at a restaurant with family, sure. But throwing a huge party? Nope. Now if the graduate actually ends up receiving a full scholarship to an elite school, then sure.

  • Not Purely just for graduating.

    Maybe if you got into a great school, or managed to beat the odds but not purely for graduating. The person could be getting a job at McDonalds... Yay; you are going to be stuck in a job that leads nowhere! Save the party for university graduation, and save a pretty penny as well.

  • It is not

    It is the minimum amount of education necessary to even get a minimum wage job ler alone a good high paying job.You may argue that its a right of passage but that right of passage exists whether or not you graduate high school. The exception is if you make it to an ivy league school or had problems in high school

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