Is Hilary Clinton hiding information about donations to the Clinton Foundation?

  • Clinton is being much too secretive about who's donated to her foundation

    Hillary Clinton has released information about where the donations to the Clinton Foundation are coming from - but not nearly to the extent that she should. I think she is hiding something: she hasn't been upfront about the correlation (and therefore conflict of interest) between wealthy foreign donors and who our war targets are.

  • Yes, full disclosure of donors may hurt her campaing, at least thats what her advisers think.

    Over the years, the Clinton Foundation has received donations from individuals and governments that have poor records in upholding human rights. In question is the hefty donations from that run into millions of dollars from Middle East countries that are notorious for violating women's right and depriving them the basic freedoms.

  • Hilary Clinton is hiding information about donations to the Clinton Foundation

    Hilary Clinton is hiding information about donations to the Clinton Foundation, and a host of other things, such as her email server debacle. This woman is as dishonest as the day is long. I have not witnessed someone so unqualified to be president in many years. God help us all if she is elected.

  • The information is all public

    This is just another attack on Hillary Clinton, made because the attacks on areas such as embassy security and her emails haven't gotten her enemies anywhere. As a nonprofit, the Clinton Foundation makes donations public. People who do not like the Clintons may not like how successful they have continued to be, but this attack is all smoke.

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