• Hillary Clinton is the enemy of democracy

    Hillary Clinton and her criminal conspiracy committed wholesale election fraud in the 2016 Democratic primary elections, effectively stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders (see the Election Justice USA report). The DNC did nothing to stop it and the wikilweaks DNC emails suggest they actually supported it. I cannot in good conscience support a candidate and party that have proven themselves enemies of democracy.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is causing a revolt amongst the Democrats.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton is a key player in the DemExit movement by her actions and her treatment of Bernie Sanders. By cynically playing the inside game, including targeting Sanders using blatantly anti-semitic tactics for personal gain as revealed by the leaked DNC emails, Clinton has become the very symbol of a political elite class that cares little for anything but personal power and wealth. Had she maintained some semblance of honesty and dignity, should would not have become the catalyst of DemExit.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is causing a revolt in DemExit.

    The Democratic party is divided, and this is due as much to Bernie Sanders being such a strong candidate (in the now popular--for good reason--anti-establishment trend), as it does Hillary being associated with corruption. The recent scandal involving committee staffer emails is a great example of this, and such scandals really turn voters off.

  • Yes, she is.

    While the blame is more on the hard core Bernie Sanders supporters, some of whom legitamitely believe that their voices are being heard, DemExit is a historically significant event that is caused by the large devide in the Democratic Party and the fact that Hillary is a more conservative canidate than people hoped for.

  • Clinton does not control hardcore Sanders supports actions

    The presidential elections always bring strong feelings to the surface. Even when the presidential candidates have made peace with one another, their supporters sometimes hold onto the anger and resentment. Hillary Clinton does not control the emotions of hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters and is not causing the revolt in DemExit.

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