• Hillary Clinton is guilty of abusing her power

    Hillary Clinton is guilty of abusing her power and the anecdotal stories are too frequent and too many to be ignored. The mere notion that anyone can and will vote for this woman defies all belief and reason. The voters of this country get what they deserve, and if they elect this woman, then God help us all.

  • She probably abuses her power, but she's not the only politician to do so

    I'm sure if the investigators and investigating reporters probe far enough they will find something or some e-mail that Hillary Clinton has said that was less than kosher. However, if any politician was looked into thoroughly enough some discovery would be made that may seem questionable regarding his or her character. I don't know the solution to the problem, but it just seems that once politicians get elected they remain in that political realm for the rest of their life. Perhaps legislators need to be held to term limits-- in which they can not get re-elected. Maybe this way some of those who get comfortable being "in the system" wont' be able to abuse their political power.

  • No, Hillary Clinton is not guilty of abusing her power.

    Well this is quite a broad question. I'm a little unsure of exactly what I am expected to answer here. But I find Hillary Clinton not guilty of any abuse. To me her power is having influence over a vast amount of Americans and I think she has used that power only to the positive.

  • Hillary Clinton has not abused her power

    Hillary Clinton has not abused her power. Allegations have been leveled against her for years by political enemies. She is a strong, tough, and smart woman. This bothers her enemies. Claims of abuse of power have never been proven, despite the best efforts by Republicans and conservatives. A recent hearing on Benghazi proved no wrongdoing.

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