• Yes it is

    Because Hinduism is the oldest and best religion. The biggest thing is Hinduism has no creator like Christianity and Islam. It is more than religion. It is a way of life. Hindus are the most kind people. They pray to many gods but they always remain hearted to everyone. That's why

  • All paths lead to God

    Buddhism came out of Hinduism, and Hinduism contains lots of schools. You don't even have to believe in God to be a Hindu. I read on Wikipedia today there was a sect which didn't believe in God, rebirth, karma and sin. Hinduism has yoga. And Goddesses as well as Gods.

  • If not the best , it has at least never imposed itself on anyone

    Unlike other religions like Christanity and islam it has never been forcefully imposed by its followers...... Never destroyed any particular communities culture and traditions .... And has infact given to the world a whole lot of things... Ayurveda, zero,scientific teachings..... Christanity on the other has always done quite the opposite ... Think about the land called USA which was originally inhabited by aztecs and other tribes, and considering indians backward whereas it is we who are the oldest surviving civilization while they were forming their language we were performing eye surgeries........

  • Yes it is ..

    Because it accepts that all religions lead to the Supreme .....
    Every community has good and bad people . We have to suppress the bad people . Every religion teaches humanity and Hinduism too....
    There is a term "Hindutva"... It seams to have less tolerance .... But it intends to eradicate untouchability and other problems and unite Hindus...

  • Yes it is the best spiritual tradition.

    Hinduism is best as it has world class metaphysics which is close to quantum physics. Hinduism don't give too much of moral ethical social lectures but address the core issue of self, soul, consciousness, mind and matter. It basically deals with Metaphysics of Universe and link it with inner Consciousness through various techniques Yogic Vedic Meditations

  • No, Hinduism is not the best religion.

    It is my belief that there is no single best religion in the world. We all come from a different set of beliefs and traditions in our own culture. So there is no way to call one single religion the best. There may be some that believe that, but I believe that the best religion is the one that you have faith in. It cannot be universal to every single person.

  • We should praise the creator but not his creations..

    People says hinduism is the Only the way of life.But is not sufficient because,,the way of life is only for few days, in the earth, we should prepare for here after,,we can learn this way of life in every religion..With details and also of the creator,, because the creator has created the whole universe,, , we people do research for every thing, such as biology, way of life ,physics, but no one ever think about life after death,nobody research about life after death, and this u will get in holy quran if u study it nicely, just study and compare it with others😊😊😊

  • Hinduism is one of many religions

    I think calling one religion the best is misguided. There are many religions in the world and Hinduism is one of them. While its followers may well consider it to be the best religion, I think that is very subjective. Religions are different and each person may have different objectives, so it's possible that the best religion would be different for each person, depending on these objectives.

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