Is hitting or spanking children an acceptable form of child discipline?

Asked by: JessicaCapers
  • It can be a necessary way to gain attention.

    Spanking is not to induce pain or to hit your child until they do what you want. It is a final resort to get the child to pay attention. It is a form of severe discipline that should be used sparingly, but used. When a parents attempts to get attention and it doesn't work with words or gestures, a "wake up and pay attention" gesture is needed.

  • It is, objectively, okay

    Clearly this issue of whether applying physical force unto a child as an acceptable form of discipline enforcement is only morally subjective; objectively speaking, as with heating a pair of Bont cycling shoes in the oven such as to achieve the ideal fit, or more relevant to this context, manipulating a child to act according to your intentions by making false promises, hitting a child such as to yield a specific response from the child that is synonymous with ideal, is no different. At the end of it, the child will always be helpless, and in his/her helplessness, we exploit it because we can and we are impatient, and because at their age, when a common mastery of rationale has yet to sink in, they are much more closer to animals- like a dog who can speak-, but with the potential to be something more.

    Every experience the child receives will effectively shape the child's growth into maturity, and then there's also the thing about how the child's character interprets such experiences and develop his/her own conclusions of it that will be applied throughout his/her life as a behavioral heuristic. So when it comes to hitting a child, it's just another experience for the child to receive and develop from; there's nothing wrong with it.

    The only reason why it seems to cruel is because the child a smaller version of an adult, as such we can empathize on varying levels (from being fellow human beings, to those who possess memories of being hit as children); we either see his/her expression of suffering, or, in the absence of an expression, we apply cause and effect analysis and arrive at our own fabricated conclusions- as mentioned above about behavioral heuristics. In other words, we see pain, we feel pain, and depending on how we interpret the idea of hitting a child, based on our own values shaped by our experiences, we either view it as acceptable or unacceptable, when really, it's basic.

    A dog kept in a cage is felt for because we empathize with it for being a living thing, say, compared to a stuffed animal. A human girl kept in a cage is probably an event that would seemingly deserve an outcry that will be made into a documentary analyzing the cruelty of her abusers, because we empathize with her for having endured something we could possibly endure but didn't. We are bias towards our own kind and so feel more towards instances where pain, a generally disliked sensation, is involved.

    So to ask a person whether hitting a child is okay, there's bound to be some vacillating in opinions, but remove the human being from the equation, and replace it with, say a mosquito, suddenly it becomes okay.

    It is acceptable, just not preferred.

  • Discipline the kids.

    Parents are suppose to raise kids that obey the rules. Discipline, acts as punishment for breaking rules. Just as with adults, the discipline should depend on what rule was broken. Tho minor things like making a mess may be punished other ways, things that endanger others or directly opposing the parents can be cause for physical discipline such as spankings just as minor lawlessness can be punished by fines but more severe crimes may require physical action like locking them up.
    People claim that physical punishment makes kids more likely to be violent criminals. Thing is, my siblings and I have all been spanked by our parents yet none of them, nor I, have committed a violent crime.

    I remember one time, my mom was asked to watch a friends kid. When the mother came back, they were amazed because normally their kid runs amok to the point nobody wants to babysit yet he was well behaved with my mom. My mom didn't do anything to the kid so they asked him why we was so well behaved by her house. Basically, he had seen one of my brothers get spanked so that was enough of a deterrent.
    Another time, I witnessed a mother who's 10 yr. Old son called his mother every name in the book including the B and C word yet the mother acted no different than if he called her mommy. Does that sound like the child feared the consequence of doing that? Does it sound like the child should fear the consequences?

  • Physical violence is unacceptable against children in almost any situation.

    Hitting children is simply unacceptable in modern society.

    Firstly, we must consider the fact that physical violence in almost any other context is considered illegal. When a person physically assaults another person, it is a punishable offense. Why should it be any different within a parental relationship? Especially when we consider the fact that children are some of the most vulnerable members of society, it is fundamentally to consider something illegal in all other cases to be legal when it is applied to them.

    Secondly, science tells us that spanking children is vastly detrimental to the health of the child. Children who have been spanked are more likely to develop mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and are more likely to commit suicide later in life. Spanking also is correlated with more violent behavior, specifically, adults who were spanked as children are more likely to be domestic abusers, partake in gang violence, and be incarcerated than those who were not hit as kids. Something that causes harm to this extent is unacceptable.

    Finally, hitting children is simply not necessary to effectively raise a child. It is simply lazy parenting. There are plenty of alternative methods to child discipline that do not involve physical violence. Since spanking is not a necessity, and since it clearly provides severe negative impacts later in life, it is most certainly not acceptable.

    It is simply ridiculous that even in vastly developed societies, physical violence against children from their parents still is evident. Such measures of parenting are not morally correct, and provide significant harm. Parents hitting and spanking their children is not acceptable in any situation.

  • It lead to Authoritarians

    People here have already made the argument of immorality and abuse. So while I obviously support their justifications, I think I'll go a different direction in justifying this side of the argument.

    Hear me out. When you hit your child you essentially tell them that reason and logic are not needed to win and argument, and they can get what they want from those smaller than them by threatening them or using violence.

    This is, of course, the philosophy of the State. And when you demonstrate to your child how abandoning the argument for violence and coercion will allow them to get more of what they want easier, who's to say that they won't vote like that when they get older?

    Civilization is defined by out ability to use words instead of fists, if we do not teach our children that, and instead do the exact opposite, how can they continue to carry out our civilization?

    I'm not saying if parents hit their kids once because they were crying for ice cream it'll be total anarchy and apocalypse, but it's important to note that children will imitate the behavior of their parents. Whether this means hitting their children, or voting for bigger government and more authority, it's still very concerning.

  • That is Child Abuse

    This is child abuse! You can't do that to your child! That is cruel and unusual punishment, as stated in Amendment 8 of the Bill of Rights. Please don't do this to your children, they will not like you or thrive as well! Parents or teachers or even friends should not do this to their kids.

  • I dont think parents should spank their kids

    I don't want to see kids suffer like me from the disease of spanknia(that was just a made up word) but spanking just teaches the kids to spank too!! I go with the liberty and justice to vote NO!! Everyone vote no no really needs to win ok!! 😋😋 😜👌🏻Peace and justice to NO SPANKS!!!

  • It's not acceptable.

    Spanking is a form of child abuse. That is illegal. It is used cause pain and fear in a child. And that can lead to worse things, even suicide. Obviously, hitting is worse. If a child needs discipline, spanking is not the way. And, its not acceptable any where. Just.... No.

  • Not a solution

    Hitting a child is not a correct solution to generate discipline among them....By spanking will encourage them to do more mischievious things .....The correct way of making a child realize is telling the students by being patient and telling about the conscience....How a student is supposed to behave in the class is very important

  • Violence is never okay.

    Although spanking should be legal to a certain extent - it's a parent's decision, after all - that does not in any way imply that it is acceptable or okay. It is an unhealthy way for the adult to take out anger that may not even have been caused by the child and probably causes mental health problems (trust issues, for example) in the child.

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