Is homeland security more important than civil liberties?

  • For the sake of the safety of our nationals, I would say that homeland security outweighs civil liberties.

    I am not proposing that all civil liberties should be removed, but some should be restrained for the sake of national security. Because what's the point if you have all the liberties and freedoms of this world when you don't have security for yourself and your family. For instance at the Airport, where your privacy may be invaded like too much security procedures that really annoy you, but you should understand that certain freedom must be sacrificed for the safety of everyone. After all, the life of the people on board is more important than that privacy.

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  • Yes it does

    The preamble of the constitution states says that in order to from a more perfect union it will "insure domestic tranquility" and "provide for the common defense" so homeland security is providing the exactly one of the basis that's written in our constitution. In the court case Schneck vs the united states the supreme court came to the decision that if someone's liberties will bring danger to others especially in a time of war then civil liberties may be limited. America is technically , currently at war with terrorism. President Bush declared war on terrorism after 9/11. And by not providing information that can help track terrorists or soil their next terrorist attack you are putting Americans in danger of being in their line of fire if they are not caught.

  • God Bless the U.S.

    Without security, our freedoms and rights would be taken from us by outside forces. The Patriots Act and N.S.A. Were designed to aid the fight against terrorism. Counter terrorism is one of the most essential branches of security that we need. Events like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombings are perfect examples of terrorism right at our doorsteps when we least expected it. It seems that our country suffers from National Amnesia and that we forget the past events and how they've forever changed history. As soon as we cut spending for defense, military, and limit laws we can pass for our security, we expose ourselves and make ourselves vulnerable to attacks. For example, after the Cold War our government voted to reduce spending for military expenses and as a result we were left with four fighter jets to defend the entire East Coast during the time period 9/11 occurred. Open a history textbook and more than likely one will find an instance where a country repealed laws or reduced military spending and they were attacked or invaded when the opportunity revealed itself. No one is taking away or God given rights or our basic liberties, but yes we do have to give up a few unnecessary rights for security. But its easy to say that safety in a country where we still posses the essential rights is better than a country where we can do as we please, have no means of protection or security. A third of Americans do not even know what the N.S.A. Or the Patriots Act even do. Do not forget that we have been attacked and we will be again if we do not take the appropriate action.

  • Homeland security is anything but that

    The fascist totalitarian u.S regime is a total violation of civil liberties. Civil liberties have been under threat in the u.S since the very begining, but it has gotten considerably worse in the past 30 years. The prison population has doubled, and the power of police and authorities have increased.

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  • Civil Liberties Take Precedence Over National Security Any Day.

    You need to have civil liberties other wise what is the purpose of national security? National Security protects our civil liberties therefore we need to protect and cherish our civil liberties over protecting the country as a whole. Individuals can protect themselves if need be, otherwise, the military can protect us but we should not put the needs or wants of the government over the needs and wants of the people. At least not in a democracy.

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  • Civil Rights are more important than most of Homeland Security's policies.

    Rather than invading law abiding US citizen's constitional rights, the government should be more focused on eliminating foreign terror groups such as ISIS and Alqaeda. They are more of a threat to US security, both through physical attacks and through inspiring some Americans to join them and consequently commit treason. If a person is a convicted felon than they should be able to if they have a warrant from the court.

  • No, civil liberty takes precedence.

    Our rights as Americans give us certain freedoms as stated in The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence. These rights should be absolute, and guaranteed by government. They cannot be taken away for any reason, even if that reason is national safety. Outside threats win the minute they erase our inalienable rights as citizens.

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