• Home schooling keeps children on task

    Home schooling has many perks. For instance, clothing doesn't matter, since you're learning at home. The whole argument about uniform or no uniform is resolved. On top of this, it can build a connection between the parent teaching and their child, which can't be built any other way. It is also easier to talk to your parent if you are not being challenged enough or ate being to challenged, if they are assigning to much work etc... Than going to a teacher. The teacher can fail their student for that. (One of mine have.) this can't happen when you are home schooled.

  • I think homeschooling can help children depeding on certain circumstances.

    I believe homeschooling has its benefits when it comes to children's education. A child will not have to worry about being distracted by the drama involved with interacting with other classmates for instance. they won't have to worry about being picked on at school as well. However there might be detriments to emotional maturity as well. Since this is generally a solitary thing the home schooled child will not always have the opportunity to learn how to interact with other children. The parents might also not be experienced with teaching and therefor might not be able to teach the subject the right way.

  • Children benefit from the social interaction of attending school with others.

    Some homeschooling plans may be well-structured and very educational, but they cannot substitute for the social skills children develop when they attend school with other children. Without them, children may find it difficult to interact with others as adults. Children also learn respect and obedience when dealing with teachers and principals,. They get to make strong bonds and lifelong friendships with other students when they attend school with others. They are also exposed to greater diversity and different opinions than if they were to remain at home for school.

  • No, homeschooling is not the best way to teach children

    No, homeschooling is not the best way to teach children. Children should be in school with other children learning in an environment that will prepare them for the real world outside of their home and away from their parents. Furthermore, it is good to know the rate at which other children learn.

  • I do not believe homeschooling is the best way.

    I do support being able to teach your child whatever you like as long as it does not harm. With homeschooling though, they do need build the social network that they so need. I believe this harms their character and can lead to issues through out life. When the enter into the work force, they will be so use to have a certain type of overhead, that it may be hard for them to respect another in that way.

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