• Homework is awesome and it's really resonable and helpful

    Homework hives you the benefits to life and it can get your a better education with can relate to a good degree and off that! It can get you a lot of money... One small thing can get you to where you want it all starts with homework..... SO STAND UP WITH ME AND SAY YES~

  • Yes homework is helpful

    Yes, I think that homework is helpful and helps to reinforce skills that were learned in the classroom from a lesson. I think that students need homework in order to help move along in a lesson and also to acquire higher order thinking skills, and therefore homework is a good opportunity for that to happen.

  • Homework is awesome

    Homework is helpful because it can make you smart and the topic can get easier for you Also because you can have good grades and it can make you more successful in your subjects and more too. Homework is really good for students even if you don't get it ask an adult for help.

  • Homework is helful for students

    I think this way because kids spend to much time on thier games and are stairing out in space and in thier rooms and it is the main part of your grade therefore making it inportant for you and can also help with your grades and be an important part of your day and you can grow up and get a better job than you expect , so stand up with me and say yes to homework!!!!

  • We think hw is important because it shows that you know what you are learning

    Yes we think home work is important because you need home work to show that you know what the teachers are teaching you when you are in class trying to listen to them. This shows that you are paying attention to the teacher. Make sure you always are so that you can be sure to know your stuff

  • Yes homework is helpfull

    Homework provides us the learning that school doesn't teach us.It's called "responsibility". Yes, we study in school but doesn't mean that you can't practice at home, right? Homework is given by teachers to practice their students and help their students to remember what they're studying. This also helps the students to do their homeworks by themselves and not to expect from other people.

  • Yes we should have homework.

    It may be painful sometimes for the parents. I believe that if we grasp the concept after doing part of the homework, then we shouldn't have to do it. I also think that if the overchievers like me want to do the homework they should have the option to do it, even if they already get it. It could be extra credit.

  • Yes, homework is helpful!

    Homework is helpful because it helps children academically by helping them study it more. An average person must see the material 7-10 times before they fully remember it. When you don't do homework, then you only see the material 1-2 times but homework lets you see it 3-4 times. Homework is important also because it helps teach responsibility, time management and improves grades.

  • Yes, homework is helpful

    It helps reinforce what the child did at school that day. Children need repetition again and again to store information in long term memory. Homework just helps with this process.
    But for me as parent I found that I picked up on a few problems both my children had in subjects. They did not understand certain work and by doing homework I pick-up on this and could explain and explain again until they understood the concept. If we didn't do homework - concepts would just go unattended and teachers don't always pick up on them.
    I also picked up on a few other aspects in my children's work and behaviour and could discuss it with teachers and those teachers could then enforce certain things.
    Teachers and parents can together help children achieve more at school and from school.
    I am in education myself and the students that achieve great success at school, in not only academic work, but other aspects are the ones that the parents are involved in homework and helping the children together with the teacher.

  • I believe homework helps kids achieve greater success.

    Homework gives kids more practice with their academics thus making them more successful.
    Homework gives kids more practice because it helps prepare them for future tests and assignments. Look around you, look at the people who don`t their homework and see if they are more or less likely to get a 4 on a test… obviously, the person who did their homework will because they are prepared and ready because they practiced with their homework.
    Homework is not only for school, I get homework to help me improve and get better at my sports too. I do the homework to put in the extra time to help me get better than all the other players. So I`ll know the better technique and proper positioning to get the upper hand.
    Homework is great for reinforcing what you've already been taught, brushing up on what you've already learned, and reviewing and making sure that what you learned really sunk in. Homework is repetition which is good for the brain. The brain is a muscle and like any other muscle if you do the same thing to work it out it will grow.

  • Work Outside Class Is Necessary, but Should Not be Complete at Home

    Unions have fought long and hard for the rule "you should not have to take work home". While never having to take work home might not currently be reality, it is what we agree we should be working towards. Why should schools be any different. It is important for students to learn to conduct their own study, but this can be achieved by including study periods, or even by making school an hour longer and including an outside-class work time then. If students choose not to use this time for work, they can do their work at home, but this system would be far more beneficial to a student than work that "must be completed at home".

  • Procrastination is a serious problem that homework doesn't help

    Procrastination is an awful thing, I wonder how many days of a student's life are taken away because they got 2-5 hours of sleep because they were too afraid to do homework. And for anyone who argues that it's the students fault they're afraid to do homework, you're not considering the biological reason for why it occurs, the inner, reptilian and emotion-based part of the brain sees homework as something it doesn't want to do, and unfortunately the inner brain is stronger than the outer, modern and logic-based part of the brain. This immediately makes it almost impossible for a person to get to doing work.

    And don't consider it their fault that they can't fight their own biology, that's like saying it's an ugly person's fault for being naturally ugly, or that it's a fat person's fault for being naturally fat.

    The best way to solve this is to slowly help a person learn to cope with procrastination and teach them how to beat it through a series of emotionally-positive reinforcements that someone can handle procrastination and that it won't be a lengthy project. Unfortunately, our education system doesn't focus on these key developmental concepts, because knowing facts is apparently better than being a well-rounded human being. As such, our current education system cannot sustain homework without causing serious bodily and mental trauma to CHILDREN. And that is something I cannot and will not defend.

  • I do not believe homework is helpful.

    Children look at school as there job. They wake up, go to school, do what needs to be done. Now when they leave school is where there is a problem. School should NOT something that is on a child's mind 24/7. By giving them "homework", this has just created a 24 hour task. Although they leave the building at lets say 3:30, they never leave the work, or "homework". You say, well they have the weekend. Wrong! What happens on Friday in school..."Well class, we have a big project due on Monday, and with two days to work on it, you should have more then enough time to complete it." So here we go again with the 24/7 worry about school.

    Also, after school is for after school stuff. Examples being, sports, jobs, family functions, ect. If a student truly has nothing going on at school, there are plenty of extra curricular activities for them to be involved in if they so chose to do so.

  • Homework isn't helpful

    Homework gets in the way of people extracurricular activities and family matters, and if Teachers didn't assign homework then they wouldn't have to grade it, so then it also saves the Teacher time. Besides that many kids have an after school job, but if they have to get there homework done to keep there grades up, they might have to quit there job.

  • No it is not

    I say no. My reason, well, reasons, are that homework causes lots of stress and less sleep. Homework is very time consuming, and everyone, especially children, need to sleep. When I say children, i mean people ages 16 and under. The loss of sleep can be very heavy as it can lead to illness, lack of focus, which so happens to be needed in school, and stress. Stress can cause these "youngsters" lots of sudden tantrums, which can affect them in both their school and family. The stress tends to stick and eat away the happiness the student has, making them seem like completely different people than they used to be. Kinda like me, my personality my peers know me as is serious, always having a frown, and a hard worker. I have begun to notice that the kids who seem to be happy and care-free and the ones who don't do there homework and get bad grades because of it. Finally, if the student didn't know how to answer the questions in the first place, how would they know how to do it at home? That answer: they can't. And before you say they could ask you parents, have you thought that the schools teach different and more advanced subjects every year? No? Well, they do, and lots of parents don't know how to solve these equations. Leaving students back a the drawing board for hours till they finish their work, returning back to stress. Well, I could lecture you blue in the face, but I have homework I must do to advoid flunking school. Ta-ta.

  • Homework makes kids Stressed

    Is Homework Hurting Your Kid?
    Homework is supposed to help students. It’s supposed to help students with their academic achievement. Teachers have told students that the main purpose of their homework is to help them get better grades, help for tests, and etc. What if it turned out that homework isn’t actually helping out students, but instead negatively affecting them? Kids are experiencing many problems due to homework. This is why homework should be banned.
    The first reason why homework should be banned is because students are are being negatively affected by homework. Excessive homework is linked to high stress levels, physical health problems, and a lack of balance in kids’ lives. There is clear connection between the students’ stress and physical impacts to homework (Enayati). Too much homework is causing students to have sleep disruption.(LeTendre) Not only is homework stressing out students, but it is also stressing out the student’s family (Levy). The second reason why homework should be banned is because students are receiving too much extra homework. A recent study has shown that kids in elementary are receiving 3 times the amount of homework recommended. Kindergarteners are receiving about 25 minutes of homework each night. Kindergartners shouldn’t even be receiving homework. Students are spending too much time on homework. Due to this, students are experiencing stress, lack of balance in their lives, and physical health problems (Levy) Some students are doing over 3 hours of homework each night. This can lead to some serious health problems (Enayati).
    People that disagree with banning homework claim that homework is actually helping out students with their grades and tests. A research that was conducted showed that homework improved better performance in standardized tests. However, there is no evidence leading to better academic achievement due to homework. (LeTrande). A study has found that math and science homework didn’t correlate to better student grades, yet people still believe that homework is helping kids with their grades. Homework doesn't’ cause better student grades (Graham). Teachers make students and parents believe that homework helps out with grades, but homework actually doesn’t.
    In the end, students would benefit if homework was banned. Students wouldn’t have the burden of homework on their minds. Stress in kids would decrease and they would have less negative physical effects. Kids would have a better balance in their lives and have more time to spend it with their friends and family. Kids would have a better life, wouldn’t they?

  • Students have lives!!!

    School expectations of children are constantly being raised. NO longer is it wanted to just be book-smart but schools now expect students to be involved in out of school activities as well. They will not be praised as highly if they aren't involved in anything but with after school activities there is no time to complete homework. I go to bed past midnight and have to wake up earlier than most of my peers for early morning music rehearsals. Without homework I might actually like school, but being at school for 8 hours a day and then coming home to 4 hours of homework is insane.

  • It causes health issues.

    One experiment, the Stanford experiment, found that homework can cause physical health issues. A good portion of kids from the experiment experienced these health issues and experienced not wanting to hang out with family or friends, and isolation. Another experiment revealed that 2 thirds of 128 kids in two elite private high schools in New York did drugs or alcohol to cope with homework stress.

  • Should be school work

    Work should be done at school where the actual learning happens. If the teachers will give homework then what is the point of doing work at school. The children have no time to do what they want at home as they are doing the work they basically already did in class. As i said previously, children have no time at home to do what they want so what is the point of them even coming home? They may as well suffer at school doing the work they end up doing at home.

  • If teachers can't get to what they need to teach in the time they need to teach it that is their fault

    Kids need free time to balance their schedules have time for extra activities, like sports, family events, they should be relaxing so that they don't get to stressed. Which is bad for their health. School is very important, but homework isn't necessary in a child's life. It doesn't make sense.

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