• It might not be a disorder, but its still abnormal

    Seriously think about it. One of the main goals of a species' existence is to create more of its kind so the species can go on. Why would homosexuality be normal if it doesn't contribute to this? Why would nature create something that goes against itself? Homosexuality is simply an illusion that people have created in their minds due to serious mental injury from the opposite sex, or just to try something "cool". The image we create now that homosexuality is OKAY is encouraging more and more teens to try it out. It is going to lead to the end of the human species if they keep it up. And did you know there's now a whole wack of sexual orientations you can be? Things like two spirited and necrophilia...There's apparently 22! How can you honestly think that all of them are because of nature? If they're not natural, then they're unnatural, therefore abnormal. I don't know about you, but I like the human race. People who are practicing these weird sexual orientations are just messing it up.

  • Homosexuality is not a developmental disorder

    Homosexuality is not a development disorder. Calling it a disorder gives it the connotation that it is a bad thing. Homosexuality is decided at birth and has no linkage to development. In my personal opinion, I believe that homosexuality can be genetic and carried through familial lines. Homosexuality is not a genetic disorder.

  • No. Homesexuality is not a disorder.

    No. Being a homosexual is not a developmental disorder. Homosexuality is a matter of preference, and this is obtained through experience. Most homosexual's will tell you that they have always known that they were homosexual. It can be said that they are born with this tendency, and therefore it cannot be considered developmental from an "outside the womb" perspective.

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