• Maybe not genetic, but not a choice

    There's probably no homosexual gene, necessarily, but it's a better explanation than the ludicrous, erroneous, and widespread concept that homosexuality is in some way a choice. Attraction to the same sex is determined from birth, beforehand in the womb even, and there's nothing that an individual can do to change it. As a society we must embrace it.

  • Sexual orientation is biologically based. It is not a choice.

    Everything I have read points to sexual orientation as being biologically based rather something a person chooses. A person should not be discriminated against because they are homosexual, just like a person should not be discriminated against if they are male or female or physically or mentally handicapped, or have brown, black or white skin. We are all people after all.

  • Homosexuality is probably epigenetic, rather than genetic.

    Scientific models indicate that while the variation of sexual orientation may not be strictly a matter of having a certain kind of gene, the manner in which certain genes are expressed is almost certainly responsible for homosexuality. This will hopefully put to rest an argument which never really had a point to begin with, as it does not matter if sexuality is a choice or not; discrimination and persecution on the basis of orientation is morally wrong either way.

  • Homosexuality is genetic.

    Every gay person I've ever known or spoken to knew at an early age they were attracted to the same gender rather than the opposite gender. Just as with everyone, we developed our little "puppy love" interests, but they were on people of the same gender rather than the opposite. And when we had crushes on TV/movie stars they were of the same gender as well.

  • Yes homosexuality is genetic

    Yes, I believe that people are born either heterosexual or homosexual, and that someone's sexual orientation is determined by his or her genetics. I think that homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual and instead are born that way, and the way they choose to live their life is inherent in their genes.

  • Yes, a person is born to be homosexual.

    A person is born a homosexual, it is not something that is acquired. While I believe that some environmental issues can contribute to a person's awareness that they are homosexual, I truly believe that it is something that is determined before a person is born into this world, and that it is not a choice.

  • No it isn't.

    Homosexuality isn't genetic. Heterosexuality is not either. The same applies to other sexualities (who knows what society will invent in the future).

    Anyways, we are born asexual. Through life we discover sexuality and we find out that heterosexuality is the only right one. Why? Put aside "the Creation" thing. Because it provides means to reproduce. Someone's argument to this will be "But some animals are hermaphrodites." Yes, they are and they are able to reproduce that way. If those would want their statement to be valid they should be hermaphrodites, too.

    However, to put aside what I've told before I don't think that homosexuality exists. Everything is the same as in any other heterosexual relationship. Just like copy->paste functions. You have one man who acts like a man and one man that acts like a woman, which is just gross, unnatural etc.

    Posted by: wwmd
  • There is no gay gene.

    There is no such gene. Honestly if homosexuality were genetic, the proportion of homosexual people in this country and the world would be a lot larger. If there was such a gene that causes such a major personality decision, it would have easily been found by now, or otherwise proven through experiments.

  • No, It's Not.

    It's a mixture of nurture and nature, sometimes leaning one way or the other, but always both a mix. Homosexuality has been proven to be treated. Why are there gay men and women who claim to now be straight? Are they completely cured? Probably not. Do they now have sexual arousal for the opposite sex? You bet.

    There is no gay-gene. That is a myth.

  • I hate this topic!

    If homosexuality were a genetic feature then we would have found that "gay gene" by now. We can clone, put a man on the moon but can't discover a gene in our long studied DNA?!? It doesn't float with me. If homosexuality were, in fact, genetic then how would they reproduce? I see this more as a lifestyle choice. The comical part, for me, is that I am seen as intolerant and ignorant by the very people preaching tolerance. The bottom line, no matter how you slice it, is that there is no irrefutable scientific proof that homosexuality is genetic. The last theory, which is only a theory that apparently needs additional studies, is "epi-genetics" which, I believe, states that epi-genetic marks on the DNA have environmental influence. Like I said, I hate this debate.

  • God created male and female

    Same as above. Nothing else is needed. I believe in the Bible.
    That it is our rule book/guide to live by. Homosexuality is a sexual sin, no different than any other sin.
    You don't need fifty words to say homosexuality is not genetic. If you want fifty words look in the Bible.

  • No evidence as yet

    The way the gay rights lobby has influenced popular culture, we would expect overwhelming evidence of a genetic cause of homosexuality. If anything, scientists seem to have given up hope of finding a gay gene and are now exploring the possibilities of epigenetic causes. The way this shift has been reported recently you would think an epigenetic cause of homosexuality was an established finding. Time will tell, but there is still a long way to go.

  • No proof, despite the best of efforts.

    There has been no proof given for the thesis that homosexuality is genetic. None at all. So far, all anyone has been able to speculate about is the existence of "epigenetic" influences. Yet these are only speculations without any hard data or evidence. Mathematical models do not count as evidence.

  • No supporting evidence it's genetic

    There's currently no evidence to suggest it is genetic. It's been more than 15 years since it's been possible to investigate the genetics and nothing is even a promising lead. It's time to consider that it might be a mental condition and figure out how the disorder comes about, such as histrionic disorder.

  • No no no

    Various website which have scientific backing have claimed there is not gay gene, furthermore, homosexual behaviour also slows the evolutionary rate and therefore they should be classified as a different species of whom are less evolutionary developed than heterosexual people. More or less, homosexuals are monkeys who are less evolved...

  • Actually its developmental

    Most studies suggest that homosexuality is developmental, and not caused explicitly by genetic factors.

    Homosexuality is found mostly inthe youngest male child of women who have had mostly male children. It is believed that because ofthe hormonal difficulties women have with male children that on occasion the fetus will develop more feminine attributes as to better survive in the womb and not be rejected by his mother.

    This would mean that homosexuality is not "genetic" but developmental in the same way that fingerprints or birthmarks are.

    There is not as many studies on female homosexuality, but is believed something similar can occur with similiar hormonal imbalances in the womb during development.

    This does not disclude the possibility that these hormonal imbalances in the women are potentially caused by genetic factors. But in that case it would actually be the mothers genetics that cause homosexuality in the child, and the child his or herself may not have these genetics.

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