• There's Nothing Wrong With It

    Although the people that say that it is bad for society, they have no solid evidence to prove exactly why it will be bad for the society.

    For example:
    They believe that without a mother and a father, the child will not gain the feminine and masculine traits that they need. With that, it must mean that single parents should not be allowed to raise a child either, they will not gain both feminine and masculine traits.

    Homosexual couples cannot produce offspring from their sexual activities. That must mean that if there is an infertile couple, they will not be allowed to get married because they cannot produce a child. How about the many children that are refused from straight couples all the time that homosexual couples adopt? Who's the real bad guy here?

    My personal favorite, the Bible condemns homosexuality. Who exactly says that the Bible is 100% correct in the first place? Many Christians decide to pick and choose different parts of the bible that they decide to obey. How about not eating shellfish or not shaving their beards? You cannot wear clothing made out of the same materials. I do not see any controversy about those specific topics, why exactly is homosexuality made such a big deal? Something very important about this topic is also the fact that the Bible cannot be considered a credible resource, whether it is God's word or not. Who knows, the Bible was created a very long time ago and it is possible that the creators of it decided to add their own personal opinion to it as well. No one knows for sure if the Bible is a credible source of information or not. May I also mention that the Bible is not the only "Holy Book"? There is more than one religion and it doesn't mean that the Bible is the only true and credible(or uncredible) source considering that there are many other "Holy Books" that people seem to forget about. It seems that many of the people that do not support homosexuality quote the Bible, although it has never and will never be proven to be true or not.

  • Homosexuality is not Evil

    The acceptance of LGBT in our country is not just a proof that they are just accepted in our society, but it also means the usefulness of the LGBT or Homosexual groups in our country and even more in our economy. Furthermore the practicality of the homosexual groups has a big impact on our economy and even in other country. In fact, some of the countries are legalizing the same-sex marriage, The Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, England and other countries are just a few of the countries that legalizing marriage to homosexuality groups. As they believe that Homosexual is a not evil act from them.

    These counties believe that It would boost tax revenues - A report from the National Tax Journal confirms a possible tax revenue increase between $20 million and $40 million a year from homosexual groups and same-sex marriages are legalized. Effects on Revenues Recognizing homosexual couples would affect federal revenues through both the individual income tax and the estate tax. Neither effect would be large relative to total federal revenues. Receipts from other taxes—in particular, payroll taxes— would be unlikely to change significantly.

    Second, It helped our economy: according to CNNMoney, Since gay marriage was legalized in New York state marriage license fees, local celebrations and wedding-related purchases have boosted New York City's economy by $259 million.

    Third, It will cut spending on government safety net programs: Marriage makes people more financially stable and less likely to qualify for government assistance, Bloomberg reports. Therefore, homosexual marriage would save the government hundreds of millions per year in welfare funding.

    Fourth, Adoption is good - A big instances that some of the homosexual couples are going to adopt and raised a child.

    It means that children who are adopted grow up in a family that will love and selflessly chose for them. It also gives the opportunities and resources that the child needs and more attention from a parent.

    In conclusion, it is not evil to be a Homosexual.

  • I see no reason why not.

    So many people say that it is bad because of the Bible. I'm sorry, but not everyone is Christian. Saying that all people should be against homosexuality because of what the Bible says is basically denying our rights as USA citizens to believe what we want. Besides that, I believe many people would love to adopt a child but have too many children, have children that need too much attention, etc. However, a couple in a homosexual relationship may be more likely to be able to adopt children and give them a home.
    Additionally, I have heard many people argue that homosexuality is unnatural. Well, think about your husband or wife. Did you choose to love them, or did it just happen? Did someone force you? Probably not. Therefore, this is a natural feeling. Why is homosexual marriage any different? You don't have to agree with them; you should just accept them as a person. I rest my case.

  • Not everyone is Christian

    By saying homosexuality is wrong using the Bible as evidence is not a good argument. Not everyone shares the same beliefs. Not everyone feels the same way about certain topics. By saying that you should not support homosexual marriage based on the Bible is like denying a person's rights to believe what they want. Also, I believe that there are many families who would adopt homeless children, but their children have special needs or they have too many, etc. However, if you can not have children of your own because you are in a homosexual relationship, then you may have more opportunities to adopt a child. Besides that, there's no reason why it's bad. Come on people. Common human decency here.

  • We offer a different perspective

    We offer a different perspective and offer no harm to families. We are neutral and tend to focus on benefiting society. Thanks ThanksThanksThanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

  • Adoption is good

    People often complain about how homosexuals shouldn't adopt because kids should be raised by a mom and a dad. Not only does this perpetuate sexism but its also ignoring the situation of many children. What about foster kids? They don't have a mom or a dad, its better to have two loving parents than non at all

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    We need to stop pushing away freedom by oppressing homosexuals. We have the ability to pursue anything or everything that makes us happy. The government must approve gay marriage because they are contradicting what America's foundation . We are told to love one another and if your fellow brother doesn't listen to what you are trying to say, then let him be because you can not make him do whatever you want.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    We need to stop pushing away freedom by oppressing homosexuals. We have the ability to pursue anything or everything that makes us happy. The government must approve gay marriage because they are contradicting what America's foundation . We are told to love one another and if your fellow brother doesn't listen to what you are trying to say, then let him be because you can not make him do whatever you want.

  • Homosexuality is good for society

    It introduces different lifestyles for children, gives orphaned children a higher chance to have a family (because of incapability of reproduction between the same sex), and more importantly, people should fall in love because of true love and personality and not be influenced by what sex organ their partner has.

  • Don't judge others

    As human beings we are not allowed to take the position of GOD and judge others. However, homosexual can help the society keep the street and foster home clean of abandoned children by taking custody of them, they contribute to the society by paying tax and not not utilizing welfarism

  • Biblical world view

    The bible clearly informs us that in the end times people will try to twist Gods words. (Read Matthew 24:1-30) check these versus out, it lines up with what is happening today! Every sport you excel at at every friend you make demonstrates the grace of God. No one has proved that any chromosome or cell determines that you are a homosexual. No one has proved it! Humans were created in Gods image. Do you think God has a homosexual cell within himself... NO! God did not create two men in the beginning, he created Adam and Eve. 75% of homosexuals end up with AIDS or some kind of sexually transmitted disease!

  • Yes because it ties up government time.

    I do not hate gays but as a heterosexual man I can see no grounds behind it or its benefits whereas I can see obvious problems it causes. Governments spend so much time debating issues such as gay rights instead of real issues that matter. The fact that gay marriage was even an issue in the last election appalls me. I can see no validity as to the benefits of homosexuality but I can see the obvious con of it slowing down our government and preventing it from working on issues that actually matter.

  • Its nonsense pointless

    Not in favour of the natural law. A natural law is being crushed here I don't have time for this but I can give u a reference to read ----- THE HOLY BIBLE read mark 10;6-7 THEN YOU WILL cease waste your time ..... .... ... .. .. .. Cul.

  • Not in natural mind make up of Human being!!!

    If this homosexuality is natural...Why is this much opposition for all over the world? I think this is because it is unnatural but learned through experience when human being became self-centered. The intention of SEX is not only to get pleasure rather it is GOD'S plan to create human being. But this bad habit is opposing GOD'S way of doing things, which may end as "SODOMIAN.....May GOD'S give mercy for those of you supporting & doing this...God Bless The World!!

  • No. The costs outweigh the benefits and there is no reported benefit.

    The practice of homosexuality leads to an increase in the incidence of disease and damage to the body. When looked at from the medical perspective, homosexuality is a very unhealthy lifestyle choice.
    From the moral perspective, homosexuality is one form of sexual deviancy that is just as reprehensible as bestiality and necrophilia. If it is not beneficial to allow those deviant sexual relations, then homosexuality should similarly be shunned.

  • Nothing good about it

    Homosexuality simply has no benefits. They will still add to population bcause most homosexuals like to use surrogate mothers. It denies the child either a father and a mother a dn it actually rises the number of people contracted aids. Government thinks looking for aids cure is imprtant but we could find much better goals. Aids takes out the sexually immoral people. They have to thank themselves that they contracted aids. If homosexuality is so natural then why do they have to use condoms poppers and lube and all kids of stuff just to make their sex safe? Its because it goes against nature.

  • No and neither was the sexual revolution, pornography, legalized gambling (lotteries), and legalized prostitution.

    It is just one more form of entertainment that has a dark side. In the name of freedom we must have it. After all if it make me feel good and it doesn't hurt you directly, I should be able to do it. Even if it means I have 10 times more sex partners that the average heterosexual. The Roman Empire lasted for more that a thousand years. We are much more enlightened and we can destroy ourselves much quicker. To have a sustainable society we must not become self-centered. I am not the universe. There are things that are more important than me. Ask your dad what they are.

  • It's people working out there lusts.

    To me it's not natual. People say it's ok but to me it's a perversion. Noboy is born like that. I once heard a man say he not a child molester, because he was born liking girls 15 and up. He told me that they already have sex anyway. We all find ways to justify what we do. I seen on TV some guy was going to marry his goat. Animal services step in.

  • God loves all

    By definition, love is looking out for another person's best interest. God loves everyone and so should we. Love does not necessarily mean that we like a person's choices. Gay 'marriage' is not right because marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. The love between a man and a woman is so great that it overflows into a third human being, that is a child. A homosexual couple can naturally make a child. Even though homosexuality is wrong, people should not discriminate against gays. Everyone deserves love and respect.

  • Because the Ten Commandments are true

    The Ten Commandments tell people's not to be gay and those were written by God and the other laws were written by Jews which are gods people but God sent down his son not to not to follow the Jewish laws only the Ten Commandments also gays can in an extreme case stop people from being made and ruin mankind also a true Christian does not hate gay people but the concept of gay also most people who support something just want to join a trend so they can be different and do not care about gay people at all and actually being different is not following a Christian.

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