• Hooters Is Sexist

    Many people believe that Hooters isn't sexist because they see men working in the kitchen as well as sometimes they are the managers. You never see men being waiters in that restaurant. Not to mention, the outfits are degrading to the women. People will say, "Only ugly girls complain about the Hooters' uniform." No. It's not that. It's the fact that your boobs are popping out of your shirts and your butt is hanging out. You could work as a prostitute in that little clothing. Sorry but I'm not sorry. Girls need to put more clothes on. If Hooters is a sports bar, then maybe the girls should be wearing football jerseys and leggings and men can wear football jerseys and jeans or something. All in all, Hooters is sexist and all about promoting sex from these so called "beautiful women."

  • Of course it does.

    It explores the female body to earn money. It's an is an eminently male environment.
    The girls can't chose to dress a long uniforms to work, for example. It's degrading. Is the same logic as an strip bar.
    Woman are people not, objects. I do not know how, even nowadays, some people do not realize that.

  • Hooters is sexist

    Women are there for their assets and men are rarely allowed to work there and aren't provided with the same opportunities as women are.
    Hooters shows how society is still stuck up on the same ideals. It projects women as a bait to lure men into the trap of marketing.

  • Yes, Hooters is sexist.

    Regardless of the case made that 'it's women's choice', Hooters as an establishment still promotes the sexualisation and objectification of women. The tasteless uniforms are not there to celebrate the women, but to show off their 'assets' for the ogling men. Hooters re-enforces a belief that, sadly, still exists among many: that women are objects to be gazed upon and judged for their looks.
    As for the argument about it being a good 'business model': this does not change the fact that it is a sexist organisation! All it means is that the owner of Hooters have been able to tap into a certain market and make money. They discovered that some men like to stare at breasts and make crass jokes about the female anatomy (who knew?). And they can eat ribs and chicken wings while they do it: an added bonus! Meanwhile, Hooters waitresses must sign a contract upon employment stating that they 'do not find [their] job duties, uniform requirements, or work environment to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, or unwelcome'.
    As for the comparison to the more revealing gymnasts'/sporting outfits: the point with these outfits and costumes is to draw attention to the performance, to the strength, and to the ability of the performer. The point of a Hooters uniform is to show off the waitresses' breasts, legs and stomachs, exclusively for customers to stare at. And hurrah! Hooters also employs other, fuller figured women! What progress has been ma- oh, wait, those are just basic employment laws being put into action. Whoops.

  • They treat women as objects.

    Yes, I think that Hooters is sexist. It seems as if they treat the women who work there as objects. There was a girl in my town who applied for a job at Hooters and was not hired because she was too heavy (and I believe she overheard them discussing this).

  • Yes, Hooters is sexist.

    I think that it is very obvious that Hooters is a sexist organization. Their entire philosophy of selling wings and beer is to have a woman being objectified by what she is wearing and the manner in which she is delivering the food product. This is the definition of sexism.

  • Waitress are Waitress

    The job of waitress is to bring you the food. Yes a woman or a men can has a sex appeal but is not normaly for that that you go to the restaurant. It's not only hooters but a lot of restaurants where the waitress are dress sexy only to work at the place. When a girl choose to be a stripper she decide to be sexy but not when she decide to be a stripper.

  • Really disturbing, definitely sexist

    I have never been to Hooters before, but when I saw the restaurant as I was passing by it in Prague (Czech Republic) I found yhe the name familiar as I have had heard it before in movies. So I went in and I was stunned! It was seriously cold out there and I was wearing multiple layers of clothes and I found waitresses wearing tiny shorts and tops! Even seeing them would give me a shiver. Yes that outfit MIGHT be OK in Florida during summer but not in Prague and during winter! Hooters is definitely sexist.
    Also, I saw their ad inside, a bunch of hot girls (not even one was a 9, all were 10s) and theu all had D cups :| I mean like really?! And not even one was latin, black or asian. Think they are racist too.

  • Gender role reversal

    Imagine if someone opened a bar where 20 year old guys have to walk around shirtless in cheeky pink speedos and the clients are mostly middle aged women that crack jokes about their "packages". Yes that would be sexist and so is Hooters. Though that doesn't mean that people are barred the right to work there or run that kind of business as long as there isn't sexual harassment involved or sexist hiring practices.

  • Yes totally sexist

    This is definitely a sexist restaurant, no doubt about it. The fact that the girls need to wear these types of uniforms is disgusting, and it gives off the notion that all women need to dress similarly in order to be accepted by men in today's society. Bottom line : I would never want my daughters or family members to work here...

  • It is not sexist

    Hooters offers great pay and benefits. It is not sexist because women have the right to show their sex appeal. If Hooters is sexist for exploiting attractive women, the NFL is sexist for exploiting men who are big and fast. The women's rights movement allows women to choose their own careers, be it supreme court justice or Hooter's girl. If it is degrading to women, eat somewhere else.

  • No Not close

    Looks and people thinking its sexist i don't believe it is. Its a family resturant the only issue is the fact you got religion nuts shoving there opinion where does not sign. Yet have no issues with beach's were there more skin showing. I mean comon people seriously? Do we need to play these type of games.

  • Of course not

    There are many women in the world that would say that Hooters is sexist. At the end of the day, there are other jobs, they are not forced to work there. There are many other restaurant jobs where you don't have to wear revealing clothing, so if they truly had a problem with it, then why don't they go work there instead? Because they choose to work at Hooters.

  • No; it's the choice of the woman.

    If a woman feels comfortable working in that kind of environment while dressed like that, then that is her choice. Yes, some other women may disapprove of it, but it is the choice of that individual woman to decide what she thinks is acceptable. Nobody is forcing them to work there. If they truly despise their work uniforms and they feel they're being degraded, then there are thousands of other restaurant chains they could work for instead. Clearly, the women who work as waitresses there enjoy being shown off in that way. But, that is their choice. If you don't like it, then don't work there. Otherwise, it's none of your concern.

  • Hard to prove it.

    It is pretty hard to prove. There are not weight requirements stated in Hooter's applications. They do hire waitresses that don't exactly fit the my definition of totally in shape women.
    A woman who worked for me was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and she was a knockout and in great shape and had a BS in Finance and a minor in Dance. She told me that they were weighed each week at practice. If they gained a few pounds, that had to lose it before they could cheer in upcoming games. Very strict.
    I doubt that any Judge would rule that that was sexist.

  • No Hooters is not sexist.

    If women want to subject themselves to the degrading stares of men for tips then let them. I do not see a problem with an establishment that bases its business model on this if both the women and the men choose to participate in this kind of relationship. There are plenty of other restaurants, so if this is not your cup of tea, don't go there. The women are being exploited by choice.

  • Should we eliminate cheer leaders too?

    Why stop there, we should really sensor movies too and many other things. When will we learn that it is ourselves and not others that make this determination. Everyone can chose freely if they want to think bad thoughts at anytime or place. If we try to blame it on our environment and control everything, it is a very slippery slope. No one is being forced to work or go to Hooters, but many innocent people are subjected to cheerleaders and sporting events .... So all you people that said yes, please point your finger at someone else - there's no need for your judgement here. Personally, I'm capable of self control and good decision making - I like freedom. I'd hate to live in a world where others get to decide that for me. Please find a real cause to hate on with your time and energy.

  • It isn't sexist

    Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice against or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. A woman who works at hooters makes the decision to wear the uniform. It's not like she is forced to. After all, there is much worse such as twin peaks, bone daddy's, and redneck heaven where they got in trouble for wearing only body paint. However, in all of these places the women made the decision to wear those outfits. Every individual sees people in different ways and if the workers are comfortable with it then So be it. In fact as a Hooters worker, they tell you you're not allowed to become a stripper. While it isn't the most conservative job, it isn't the worst either. It is a tank top and shorts which many people wear. It's just the idea behind it that bothers people. It is also kid friendly. (Yes I'm a woman, I go to church twice a week, which doesn't make me better than anybody but I understand being conservative and moral which in a round about way is sexist, that a woman can't show off or express herself without being considered a slut or forced to dress that way)

  • Theme Restaurants make for grey areas

    Theme restaurants, and yes that's what Hooter's is. Make for a difficult question; "Is this sexist?" The obvious answer and unfortunately trained answer for most people is, "Of course it is look at them, they're just then to be Tits and Asses". Except that they not just waiter's they're performers no different then any other actor and unless you think Lin-Manuel Miranda is really the reborn founding father (though you really need to seen the show it's really that good) then question should turn to how they are treated and while there are reports of them being fired because of drastic weight gain, it isn't really any different then wondering why Leonard Whiting wasn't playing Romeo in his fifties. The stage and part demand a certain appearance for the part as much something like Medieval Times demands the ability to wear armor and ride a horse and Pirate Times the ability to swim (again recommend both of them.) The only difference is that the show is moved towards the dinning area.

  • Anti-Hooters are hypocrites.

    My last visit to Hooters was something of a mixed bag experience. The waitress serving me at the bar was kind to me, as well as the other men who were there. I think it's partially because, despite of her outfit, I did my best to act like a gentleman; asking for her name, opening up a little confab and what not. When I asked her what it felt like to work there, she said it wasn't so bad, and when she said it she didn't look pressured or offended at my question. On the other hand, there was something head-scratching that I saw there, and continue to see at other Hooters locations near where I live. Woman also go there to be served, and not just with other groups of men, but also in all-female groups too. I may be assuming things here, but I'm sensing that the other side of this debate isn't all as anti-sexism as it is making itself out to be. All I know is that any kind of woman who consider herself lucky not having to work at a sultry food-joint wearing orange shorts, and yet goes to such as place to be served by Hooters girls, while calling it sexist, is a two-faced hypocrite. That I can safely assume.

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