• Hope is a necessary evil

    Hope for the right reasons is not evil, but in this day and age humanity is hoping for things that may never come true. I'm not saying that we can't hope to live in space in the next fifty years or something like that, but we simple don't have time to fantasize about things like that with problems in the world today. Hope is what allows us to persevere, but they is at least one moment in every ones lives that they hope so much they destroy what they have worked for and have to rebuild again.

  • Even the Greeks believed it was Evil

    The way that Zues punished humans was giving them Pandora who had a sealed jar. In the story it said that it was filled to the brim with evil. Including but not limited to: despair, loneliness, greed, sickness, cruelty and last but not least, hope. Even the greeks thought that hope was evil.

  • Hope was Evil

    Hope was considered one of the evils of the world. Many of the old religious have held it as such. It was only once Christianity and Abrahamic religions started to become popular did the idea of faith and hope turn positive.

    People stopped doing things because they knew/logically saw/were told to because of knowledge and started doing things because they "believed"/had faith/trusted regardless of truth.

  • It is evil.

    Hope is a perversion of what the rational mind has reasoned is reality. Hope skews towards an optimal outcome without rationale. Pushing your mind outside reason is lying to what you know is real. Lying is the first gate to evil. Hoping in any way is evil. Situation justifications cited are by persons trying to validate what they want or hope to believe about hope.

  • No, not in a million years:

    Hope is one of the things we are going to need for everything, it is not evil. Even though you know what's going to happen, never give up hope, for it may be the only thing we have left someday. Believe and you will receive the part that was meant to be.

    Posted by: JK28
  • No, hope is optimistic.

    Hope is only evil if it comes with a set of expectations as to how what is desired will come about. We are meant to hold expectations lightly if we are to be good and happy because life takes its own turns and adjustment is primary. However, hope allows us to look up and look forward to something good and positive.

  • No, hope keeps life interesting.

    No, hope it not evil, because it is a positive feeling that gives people a reason to be positive. Without hope, life would be pretty dull. Hope gives people a reason to keep going in life and a reason to believe that tomorrow will be better today. Hope is a very positive emotion that gives people strength to face tomorrow.

  • No, it is not.

    Having hope is not evil, or a bad thing in any way. People need to have something to hold onto, a glimmer of hope, a dream, or a passion for something helps people become effective in society and move towards some amazing goals. People with hope will strive to succeed because they believe it will happen.

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