• Yes, this is a sign of worsening conditions in Pakistan.

    The Pakistani hospital explosion is a sign of further worsening conditions. Pakistan has long been a hotbed of terrorists activity. However, the recent violent attacks to strike the country are a sign that conditions are growing worse. The government of Pakistan has been unable to get a hold on security in the nation. Violent attacks like the one on the hospital will likely continue.

  • Sucide bombers in Pakistan perform precision strike

    In a strike designed to produce politically significant losses, a Pakistani suicide bomber, who killed at least 63 people, including many lawyers and journalists, as well as family mourners at a local hospital, exemplifies a chilling trend in the country. By first assassinating a well known figure, a prominent attorney, the terrorist group responsible was able to lure in and attack a large number of equally prominent public figures, who were killed while mourning the loss of their friend and colleague. In the same way that terrorists often plant a second bomb to go off shortly after the first bomb, thereby killing a larger number of people, rescuers, these coordinated attacks can result in fear and isolation among some of the public and a reduced willingness to go out in organized protest or even for social occasions.

  • Conditions are the same

    Obviously is horrendous that a hospital was targeted in Pakistan, but it is a mistake to take that as a sign that things are worse. Things are not improving as fast as the government likes but there have been inroads. When we look at one incident and judge an entire fight, we tend to make mistakes and get away from proven plans.

  • Not necessarily, but the recent increase in terrorist attacks worldwide might be.

    This specific attack in Pakistan is not necessarily a sign of worsening conditions, but it's definitely a horrible attack. I think a lot of people look at these news stories about terrorist attacks and other violence and assume that the world is getting worse and worse, but in reality, it's getting better. Having said that, in recent months there seems to have been an increase in terrorist attacks all over the world, which is alarming.

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