• Yes. Human existence is utterly futile (written by an extremely "depressed" person).

    I often find it humorous how people say that suicide is permanent solution to "temporary problem" when life itself is merely temporary. Everything you do, every objective you attempt to accomplish, absolutely everything you do in life will mean nothing when you die. This is the joke of life. You spend your entire life setting all of these arbitrary goals and objectives to achieve, and yet it means nothing. Most humans simply survive to survive, which is meaningless in itself. Why do you survive to survive? What is the point of simply continuing to exist for the sake of the continuation of existence when you are simply going to perish anyway?

    Most humans do not think about these things, because it leads them to be depressed. They would rather go on living in their elaborate delusions that they're life actually means something, then face the crippling reality that everything, and I mean everything, you do is utterly pointless. You will die. You will be forgotten. In a hundred, or even a thousand years of time, there will likely not even be a trace that you ever existed.

    Furthermore, there is no God. "God" is a copout people use because they don't want to face the inherent futility of the human existential condition. They reason that even if they can't find the reason behind existence, there is some mystical being that truly knows the reason, and that can endow the universe with some supernaturally ascribed purpose. This is pure delusion. There is no evidence of any supernatural purpose. People cling to this because they simply do not want to face the harsh reality of the inherent futility and absurdity of the human condition.

    So, in conclusion, there is no meaning to existence, everything you do is a mere exercise in futility, life is utterly pointless, there is no God, and in a thousand years time you will be completely forgotten and all of your attempts to achieve anything will be erased. Have a nice day.

  • It doesn't matter~

    We are born, we grow, we learn, we work, and we die. All for nothing. Yes, some people are remembered longer than others, some more well known, but when it comes down to the point, are we really better than anyone else? No. Are we smarter than other species (or people) because we form more complex thoughts? No.

    And does it really matter when we classify everything down to religious, political, scientific, or social classes? No.

    Life is meaningless.

    So what if you know a language (or more), or you've 'created' something new, or if you've found the cure to cancer.
    Generation come an go, and the 'memory' won't last forever. Eventually everything will come to an end, and the thousands, million, billions or more years of existence, what does any life mean!?

    Many go claiming that there is a divine ruler(s) which give them purpose, but think about it, there are SO many different religions, and bone have been proven to be 100% truthful.

    The Bible, for instance, dates the creation of the universe only a few thousand years, while Scientology claims it is over 4 billion years ago that this happened. Nothing has really shown proof.

    Same with humans. What proof I there that we have meaning?


    I myself don't have a religion, but know much about many of them, as well as science, but not once have I seen proof, or even a slight chance sign that we have purpose.

    Life. Is. Pointless.

  • No objective meaning or purpose

    This quote from Steven Weinberg sums it up. “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless” The only meaning or purpose in life is subjective, it's not something that can be found through a detailed and objective study of nature. When people say they have meaning and purpose in their lives, it may be subjectively true to them, but that shouldn't be confused with true objective meaning.

  • No Point To Life

    Life is pointless because you will die and in a couple of generations no one will remember you or what you did on earth. Eventually earth will cease to exist. So, it doesn't matter what you do. You have no lasting impact and this world is finite. That's all folks!!!

  • It is pointless but can be wonderful

    It is what you do with your life that counts, It only counts for you, It only matters to you, Do with as you please. I personally have as much fun as possible, Enjoy every sunrise and sunset, Get lost in music, Smell the flowers, Yada yada. . . Who cares if no one remembers you.

  • Absolutely pointless (yes)

    I'm depressed and I agree with the top answer. Everything is pointless. We lead our own lives to experience disappointment over and over again. Chances are most of us will never make a huge discovery or contribution to mankind. And even if we do, It'll be taken for granted/stolen and we'll be forgotten years later.

  • Life is pointless

    Everything is pointless because we all die in the end, You can go rob a bank and it will not effect you. Nothing effects you, Because you die in the end. We are pigs raised for slaughter, We have a "good life" and then we die in the end, Just like pigs.

  • It is pointless

    Hello everyone, I am only 15 but i know myself that there is no meaning and or point in living. . . I am not suicidal, Depressed or have any mental disability. I just know that when you die everything you've known and done is just. Pointless. There is absolutely no point and reason to live. We are born and raised and we get tought at school for 18 years. . . There is no meaning/ no point in doing so because everyone will die in the end! At some point even if we get cure to cancer or live another 50 years older then average death age the world will come to an end so everything. We humans. Have done will be POINTLESS. Absulotely gone and we will just mostlikely restart the same cycle it is all bullshit. I love my family and friends but there is no huge reason humans live.

  • In the grand scheme of things,

    Our existence is utterly pointless. We are simply flesh puppets that serve one purpose; to exist and die. You are not special, And one day you will die afraid and alone. In a 100 years, All trace of your existence will be erased. I genuinely think that if there is a God or some being of a higher power, He regrets creating us

  • We exist only to be forgotten

    I came here looking for answers for why I am so I might as well say my mind. I believe that I'm living in a personal hell where everything that happens is meant to happen but to simply hurt me in the long term. I have endured great times in my life as everyone else has, No matter how great it was, But in the end it all bubbles back to pain and hatred. I just hope one day I can break from this hell and live like others seem to.

  • If it doesn't matter then why raise the question?

    Life is important, the best is yet to come. Currenty the world lies in the power of the wicked one (Satan the devil) . The bible is very clear about human life was never meant to be this way. Humans were created in perfection with prospects of eternal life on this earth in paradise conditions. Death and suffering was not a part of the original purpose. Mistakes were made and now we are seeing the very painful results. The bibles messages all points towards Gods permanent rectification of all the pains and sufferings that we currently experience. Eternity is built into our hearts. The point to life and existing was to enjoy anything our hearts desire in accordance with gods will.

  • The Experience of Life and of Unity of All Mankind

    The point is simply to experience our lives and to learn and grow and to come to understand and appreciate the powerful connection that exists between us all. One need only try to think in these terms to realize they will be happier or at least more fulfilled than just thinking of themselves as meaningless lumps of flesh that reproduce and die.

  • No, though we are biased and thus warps the meaning of the question and makes the answer hard to find.

    I suppose that our existence isn't entirely pointless, or at least that is how I subjectively view it.

    Though playing devil's advocate we are just animals, we exist because of circumstance and we think of ourselves as superiors to everything lower on the food chain because we can walk up-right and sometimes are capable of holding an intelligent conversation. In the grand scheme of things, if the entire human race was extinguished tomorrow, nature would just reclaim everything we took from it and eventually we will just be remembered as an extremely hostile species.

    Thus far I haven't given a true reason for why I believe our existence isn't pointless, we must also remember that we are very biased. We like to think we have a purpose but we never really take into account the fact that we have never given back to nature, we try but by in large we are currently incapable of not causing damage to our own planet. Going back to us as a species and only us, excluding all else, we serve each other and there for we have a purpose. That purpose is to expand our horizons, to explore new things and to learn more with each passing generation. Our existence is not pointless because we wonder what else is out there, what can we do better, where the road will take us.

  • Of course it does.

    Having your name remembered or put up in lights does not make it worth something. If it did then we would be a corrupt world where people's worth and lives would be centered around being the most famous and not the most loving or compassionate. If a man was able to help at least one other person not hurt or suffer, then he lived a life with purpose. Not everyone's lives were meant to cause wars, peace, revolutions, or legends. Some are just to help others or assist others in life. Teachers may not experience many excitements, but they teach their students many facts and life lessons so that one day those kids may become successful and famous- doesn't that give their lives meaning?

  • Human Existence Isn't "Pointless."

    Human existence has a form of value to it. If not a future value to others, the value of human existence has it for the current time. Without human existence, life as we know it would obviously cease to exist because we wouldn't know it. And according to the Leibnizian Cosmological Argument, everything that exists has an explanation for it's existence. We exist, therefore, there's an explanation for our existence. If there's an explanation for our existence, it would be a purposeful one because of our dominion over the Earth. Human existence is therefore not pointless.

  • If life is meaningless for you, please give it up!

    All those who thin life is meaningless (74% on this forum at the time of writing), then please give it up. If there were only 26% people left on this planet, we'd have more resources at our disposal to ensure life on earth continues for humankind a bit longer than what the current crazy consumption/utilization cycle would allow. Then, the ones that remain, will definitely have a more meaningful life. :-)

  • Everything is to amazing to just happen

    The universe's physical laws are set so that life can develop. If they were even a little different there would be nothing but an empty sea of particles. Some people use the multiverse argument to get around this but the multiverse is just the same as the giant sphageti monster. There's more evidence for Bigfoot then for the multiverse. At least weve got video of a sasquatch. Its a defense for arrogant atheist's so they don't have to admit they were wrong. You are the culmination of a trillion generations of natural selection. To quote superman's dad "I do know one thing son and that is that you are here for a reason

  • Not at all.

    The point of human existence is the same as any other species. To survive, reproduce, and evolve to continue our race. To say that our existence is pointless implies that our lives have no impact after they're over. Our lives have tremendous impact not only through reproducing but also in the way that we affect other people, other species, the ecosystem as a whole, and the future.

  • Life is pointless.

    Life is short but the longest thing you will do. Life sucks, are loved ones die, the ones we care about leave us, and people are a## holes. Every once in a while life gives us something good, like a kid orbs new car. But the ratio of bad and good parts in life is awful. We argue, lie, love, hate, and from the moment we are born we are dying. The first years of life we are told to stand strong and speak, but after that we are told to sit down and shut up and let others lead. But the system seems to always mess up everything.

  • No.

    The point of existing is simply unknown, but most people try and find a way to create their own reason for existing. Some use Religion to find it, some feel it's their personal experiences, but most of all, for everybody it is different. If one would argue that our existence is determined by oneself however, then one could also determine ones own existence to be "pointless" as well. Although, the real answer on human existence is that we do not know the answer. Throughout life we have created questions that we can not find the answer to, but these questions can be marred from the human mind in it's own belief that all knowledge is acceptable. If we come to the understanding that some questions we truly cannot answer, then we can realize that such a question may have an answer, but we would never be able to comprehend what it is.

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arwillop says2014-05-18T22:31:40.687
As a individual, yes, we are pointless, but as a society, it depends, what awesome achievements we will reach?, are we going to leave a mark on the universe for all the eternity?, the purpose of humanity, at least for me is being remembered.
yeoshin says2015-06-29T06:34:38.890
Why the ultimate pointlessness of known existence has to cause existential despair/crisis, depression, and cynicism (once one gets beyond the initial shock of the unreality of religion/grand purpose that most of us are raised with) is beyond me. Yes, ultimately, nothing you or I or anyone else does matters. The planet itself, the sun we orbit, our whole galaxy -- nothing in the known universe has a point. It simply exists and then quits existing to make way for something else that likewise just exists. In the world as we know it, the only use to anyone's life is that which we invent and ascribe ourselves -- to help others (who will also die) or the human race (which will go extinct) or the planet/environment (which will be fried by the dying sun and frozen in the void of space). Some choose the pursuit of their own happiness, or of knowledge, material wealth, physical pleasures -- they are all *ultimately* futile. The conclusion that often follows is: "If there is no point and I must choose one for myself, then I'm just lying to/deluding myself. If I (humanity/life/physical existence) have no ultimate grand purpose, then there's no reason to exist."

My question is why do we, as people of Western thought, so often limit ourselves to this conclusion?

This conclusion makes a BIG (and unfounded) assumption -- that something MUST have an end point/purpose in order to be WORTH existing. Who decided this? This same logic is one reason people see no inherent worth in our environment if it can't be *used*. Is that all anything is good for, it's "usefulness" to some end/point? If so, what purpose is special enough to be what gives a thing inherent value and the right or worthwhile to exist?

The flip side of the "absurdity" coin that many fail to recognize is this: The lack of an ultimate point frees our worth from being measured by "usefulness". In other words, it PREVENTS EXISTENCE FROM BEING OBJECTIFIED, while simultaneously forcing us to take responsibility for ourselves and sense of worth. Just because something does not have an ULTIMATE point PER SE (aka *use* towards a "purpose") does not mean that it also has NO VALUE! A point/use and a value are not the same thing, although we often conflate them, especially in these materialistic times. Why can something not be valuable enough to exist FOR ITS OWN SAKE? This is not even accounting for others who may gain enjoyment or benefit from a thing's existence, which only INCREASES its already inherent value in merely existing.

Think of someone you love -- a child, parent, lover, animal. Their life is just as pointless as yours. Yet are they without value? Are they worthless? The beauty of ULTIMATE POINTLESSNESS is that it grants the ability to recognize an unfettered VALUE in things such as simply existing, or love, or beauty, or ANYTHING BEYOND ITS POTENTIAL FOR USE OR TO ACHIEVE AN END. If everything has some grand "purpose", then we are literally bound/fenced in by the definition of that purpose to determine if anything has value. And if *we* didn't achieve whatever our "purpose" was, then our lives would be dubbed "wasted" or "unfulfilled". So that even if one lived a happy life and did great things for others and felt their life was valuable -- one could say "Well, you didn't do X, which was the whole point of your existing, so ultimately you were still a useless waste of space."

Even if you DID know "the point" and DID live your life's "purpose", if you achieved it before old age/death, what then? So you're done? Okay. Now your remaining life really IS pointless. Ultimate purpose, unintuitively, REDUCES THE WORTH OF LIFE/EXISTENCE -- literally reduces it, to a boxed definition. It is an OBJECTIFYING BURDEN OF PERCEIVED "USEFULNESS" towards some end that LIMITS the worth of our ability to live to full potential outside of that defined use. And because grand purpose -- if it exists -- IS ultimately unknowable, to still try to hold one to (and define their life by) such a "point" is in fact CRUEL.

The ultimate pointlessness of physical existence is not cause for despair -- it is LIBERATING. There is no deity, higher power, other person, not even the universe or laws of nature can tell you what you must be or do with your life in order to matter and have VALUE. In the grand sense, your life has inherent value for its OWN SAKE -- if it didn't, you wouldn't exist. In this way, we really are one with the universe/nature -- not only are we made of the same material and part of its systems, but we also share in the universe's inherent PRICELESSNESS. In the personal sense, YOU decide what makes your life valuable (of course this is influenced by others and vice versa, it's how we come to social determinance of what is valuable, as we all influence one another). At one level, you and you alone decide this. On another level, you and the people/society/environment around you collectively determine this. It is then your responsibility to pursue and live that value.

Ultimately, even if you are no more valuable than a microbe, you are likewise no less majestic or beautiful than the very stars of which you are made. Go out and shine.