• Yes it is.

    Humanity is alive and kicking. It was what us humans refer to for our mankind and the people on earth. Humanity is acting and behaving in a way that has been standardized as humane due to the fact humans are able to make well informed and moral decisions that other creatures can not.

  • Yes humanity is alive,

    Human is born with a pure soul that knows nothing bad, deep inside of every bad person lives a soft and kind heart that knows humanity. No soul is dead enough to be cruel to extremity, even if they are cruel to the world they wont be the same for there own self, yes i agree that people are selfish but humanity is still alive, we are human we wont let the fire go if wood finishes away from the surface of earth, we have our ways of keeping things alive and so i say that humanity is still alive as long as human is alive humanity is alive humanity is there is animals you cant finish humanity until you finish the whole world.

  • Humanity is not alive

    Humanity is still alive but of no use. Nowadays people are thinking of themselves only. As generation is changing people are becoming more greedy,more selfish day by day. Their attention is being diverted towards their only responsibilities. So people should change themselves and also care for others(poor people).With this I end my opinion.

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