• We would destroy the perfect balance of the ecosystems around us

    Humans, before anything else, are undoubtedly the alpha of all animals but that doesn't mean that we have to necessarily kill animals on our jurisdiction or rather to our own liking. We have seen animals all around the world live in perfect peace when left alone. Before humans went to travel all around Africa, there was still a species of a tiger still left but as we live in the today, we can no longer see this species. Why? Humans hunted down every single one of them. There was a project that was done, where national parks have been left to decay and not in their glorious splendour as they once wore, then one single species was brought in, they were wolves, carnivores of their own, who hunted in a circle called the food chain and not long after that, the habitat had become home to animals that weren't even found there before. This topic is not raised for the cattle, chicken and other meat that are our food, rather it is of the action, which in my personal opinion is wrong. The animals for our food have been raised as our food. The animals in the wild, they have not. They are simply the animals that our forefathers have left in our care. Hunting deer? Is that simply the only argument there is? Humans don't need to hunt them, why? Wolves do, bears, tigers, lions, and many more. Does it bring pleasure seeing a deer head in your living room or do you see its eyes every single time which would take you back to the day you killed it where you felt power in your hands to kill an animal's life. Oh, concerning the Mc Donald hamburger, that cattle came from the cattle farm? You know the one where cattle are grown to full size since birth and was always labelled as our food? Please get facts right before setting a foot into an argument. And our modern standards of living does not necessarily mean that we go day to day hunting down animals because was that not the caveman days? Where we actually hunted for food? There is food in the supermarket, buy it. It's better to spend a twenty on beef meat than a thousand for a gun that can be turned on you in any moment.

  • Yes, It's very wrong

    Hunting for sport is very wrong and is unnecessary. People hunt for sport solely to entertain themselves by shooting something and watching it die. What is the point of harming/killing an animal if you're not doing it for survival (i.E. Hunting for food). The only time where hunting for sport is right is when overpopulation is threatening the balance of the ecosystem.

  • Yes you murderers

    HUNTING IS KILLING! Unless you are like lost in the woods with no food, then you have no reason to hunt. Hunting for sport is just killing innocent animals for fun. There are other ways to compensate for your superiority complex than killing defenseless animals. For example, football. Hunting is not keeping populations in check and is in fact causing animals to go extinct.

  • Yes it is

    It is wrong to kill an innocent animal for fun its not wrong if they do it for survival or if they kill for any other uses most is because when you kill a deer you might be killing a mother deer then without protection the kids would die and you would end an innocent life too

  • Animuls r ppl 2

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  • Gotta agree *with conext

    Hunting in it self is not wrong.
    There is an art in this, regardless of using a bow, or a rifle.
    Hunting comes in many different shapes and ways, but essentially its human vs prey situations.
    And there is a level of respect and love in this act too, though it isn't the same as animal rights people's way of understanding it.

    The only problem with this is the amount of humans currently occupying earth. Heck 50 years ago there might be 1000 hunters in one area, like like a forest in Dakota. Spanning several thousands to hundreds of thousands of acres.

    Today that number of potential hunters is like 10,000. Or more give or take.
    We already take habitat away from them, rendering that hundred thousands of acres away from them, but on top of that increasing the number of hunters just demolishes the population of these animals, as well as the gene pool they're available.

    Its totally a possibility that deer in the future are going to be much smaller and less nimble due to the "proud" stags everyone would like to hunt.
    And i understand this is unintentional, but but for every action there is a consequence. We have to understand this and accept responsibility.

  • Killing is wrong

    Killing is wrong unless you are doing so to save someone or something. If you are starving than hunting for food is fine, but if you do not need to hunt than you should not. Animals are not as important as humans but they are important and their lives should be protected. Their lives are worth more than your enjoyment.

  • Only Poaching, not Hunting

    Hunting in and off itself is not wrong. There are some things you can do to make it wrong (hunting endangered species, using poisoned arrows, making the animal suffer unnecessarily, etc), but in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with hunting. Hunting has been done since the dawn of time, and it always will be done.

  • Stop animal huting for sport

    Yall are stupid for puting no we are have a reason and a purpose in this world what if we kill people for fun then their be no more people in the world just like animals then their will be no more food to eat and it and everything will be fake

  • It is murder

    Weak people who cannot challenge the world and reality take gun and shoot animals in cold blood to show their dominance. Actually you have to be very weak especially in mind to shoot an animal. In sport both opponents are in same situation. Shame on people who think hunting is sport.

  • Hunting just for sport is meaningless, if not catastrophic

    Think this situation. You wake up one morning next to your deer wife, and then you go to your deer kids to say ''Good morning.''. Suddenly, you hear a rifle's noise. One second later you see your wife or one of your kids, lying down, lifeless, choked in blood. ''Ha, I scored!!!'', you hear a man shouting.

    How would that feel, you little bastards? I pity you, you and the parents who raised you that way. The next time you kill an animal look at it's eyes while dying. Then imagine that it is a fucking person.

  • We need it

    Without hunting for sport, many things would become terrible. The ecosystem would get out of control. If we stopped hunting, animals that are hunted would overpopulate. I'll use an example using deer. If we stopped hunting deer, their numbers would grow, and without many animals being able to kill them fast enough, they would overpopulate immediately. The streets would be full of them, not allowing us to get where we need to go. We would see a raise in deaths from hitting deer, due to their size, most of the time people do not survive. Animals would ruin our modern way of life, and you would see a huge decrease in economy because some people cannot purchase food from others.

  • We need to keep the population down.

    If not there would be to many of certain animals. Like wild boar they have over populated and now there's to many. Also people eat the meat not just throw it away. It's not cruel either other animals kill innocent animals. It didn't seem like a problem when you ate that hamburger from McDonald.

  • Hunting for sport is fine!

    I dont hunt, i don't enjoy killing! Not even a ant i find in the house! But i don't criticize it either! Its just that the thought of getting up before the sun and freezing my butt off in a tree does not appeal to me! But i LOVE venison! Its about the best meat on earth! So you hippies go and enjoy your broccoli, (which, i might add a also enjoy immensely! :D) and leave the hunters alone! I mean! Hunting for sport is enjoyable to some, and helpful! Without the population control the white tales deer would be dying of sickness and starvation!

  • Only Poaching, not Hunting

    Hunting in and off itself is not wrong. There are some things you can do to make it wrong (hunting endangered species, using poisoned arrows, making the animal suffer unnecessarily, etc), but in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with hunting. Hunting has been done since the dawn of time, and it always will be done.

  • Hunting invasive species is right

    In many areas of the world, there are invasive species, which are thriving, because they have no natural predators. These species threaten the lives of native animals, humans, and cost millions in damage. Clearly, they're bad for the environment.

    Hunting invasive species is a way to stop them from harming the environment. Many people in Florida hunt the Burmese Python, which not only harms wildlife, it harms people!

  • It's hard to say no, but.....

    I really do like nature and animals as well, and I'm all for preservation on both, but that doesn't mean hunting is wrong. I know that there are hunters or poachers who do harm, but they're a minority compared to hunters who do it for the good and benefit of society. I mean it's not like we just started doing this. Also, not everyone's a meat-eater. I don't really eat meat, but I don't complain about hunting being wrong.

  • No its not

    Hunting for sport is needed so that animal populations stay in control. Without hunting for sport, animal populations will sky-rocket out of control. Hunting for sport also protects farmers from animals eating or destroying crop yield. Without hunting for sport, farmers' risk of crop being eaten or destroyed is higher.

  • No it isn't

    Its not bad to hunt for sport it pleases people and that's all they need they don't need to stop if they don't have to, but if you don't want to hunt you don't have to, its fun for some people and not for others, so don't be anger if people kill animals

  • Hunting isnt always about just for sport

    People dont just hunt just to hunt they hunt so that way they put meat on the food for there family and they get to go out and harvest a beautiful animal so dont take that away from the hunters that hunt for food to put on there table !

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