• I believe so, yes ^^

    I personally feel that I come across this quite oftenin life, though I do agree that it can't be applied to everyone. It is true that some have found bliss in knowlege of this world, but I've noticed that people who persue knowlege are more what I would say are thirsty for it, they want to know more more more. The truth isn't always something to persue or learn about. I have witnessed many that would be happier without the knowlege they have to this day. Some learn negative truths and I'm turn, feel negatively or sometimes want to change it in hopes of it becoming what it's not, positive. What then happens to those who have knowlege of this "truth" that have to live with it? We are all very human, there is very little exception.

    A fish that lives in the sea with no knowlege of land is a happy fish, a living fish. If that fish were to obtain knowlege of the land, naturally he would want to go there? For curiosity or maybe because he knows how wonderful it is there. But what happens to the fish that doesn't know he can't breathe on land? Simply put, he dies. But the other choice he would have is to eternally swim the ocean with knowlege of the land but never being able to see it, would he still be a happy fish then knowing of his own significance in the world? Being unable to visit the land whilst knowing of its greatness? Would he be content eating kelp and swimming mindlessly?

  • I'd have to say Ignorance is absolute bliss

    We say ignorance isn't bliss because we know it's not or should not be. What about those who don't though? Children, are protected by parents and have no reason to care. Stupid/dumb people have no reason to care because they don't know how to or were not aloud to in the first place. So why wouldn't it be bliss if they can't care about anything to an extent? Of course they'd have to care about well being and surviving and what ever instinct leaves them but otherwise they are carefree and do what they want when they want. I know because I am a kid. I am protected by my parent and in many ways stupid beyond recognizable belief. I have no reason to care what happens to someone in Florida I could care less what happens to my neighbors checking account. I will continue to do so until I have direct reason not to.

  • Hear no evil, see no evil

    When one is not exposed to difficult issues, they are more likely to have a happy life. Think back to your childhood: you didn't know about child labour, war, etc. and believed that every story has a happy ending. This outlook made for a happy person and a happy life. Imagine how much happier you would be if you knew no evil. Therefore I believe that ignorance is bliss.

  • Yes

    Being ignorant to something allows it to be ignored and not thought about or worried and stressed over. To live ignorantly is to live peacefully unaware. Issues that you are not aware of are not issues that you have to face and therefore, they do not have any consequence on your life.

  • Unknowing is not possible

    Ignorance is bliss because you cant unknow something once you have the knowledge of it. For example, when you find out something that you never wanted to know in the first place, you cant have like what brain memory loss to forget about it; it stays in your memory forever.

  • It's an existential conundrum

    I think it's more a question of what bliss is. Bliss, to me, would be being completely content, with no thirst/hunger for anything more. However, to knowingly limit yourself by accepting ignorance, well, that can't really be bliss, can it? I suppose I'm on the fence in the end, but for now I support the stance of "yes" very slightly more.

  • Yes it can be.

    Ignorance is bliss because sometimes you know something but you would rather not accept it for what it is. In that case by not completely knowing and understanding the situation you are protecting yourself from getting hurt, or bothered by it. That is where the phrase ignorance is bliss comes into play.

  • Although it is not ideal, I believe ignorance is bliss.

    Before I get into argument, let me remind you that ignorance is definitely bliss, but not the best thing. Most people, when they are ignorant of a fact that hurts them, will stay very happy. Howver, being ignorant will also lead to unjustified confidence. Taking me as an example, I was in love with one girl for a long time, even to the point where I was dreaming about her. I was also sure that she liked me back, but was ignorant of the fact that she liked my best friend as well. When I found out, I was depressed, but finding out saved me from getting rejected, which makes it even worse. But the question was if ignorance is bliss, and I say it definitely is.

  • In certain situations

    A germaphobe for example would be way more happier or "blissful" throughout their lives without the knowledge of germs. In my opinion, germaphobes are extremely paranoid. Although I do agree that knowledge is power, paranoia is the opposite of bliss. So in this situation, I do believe ignorance is bliss.

  • No evil is known

    All you see is the end result, not all the complications and emotions behind it. If you know about them, then you might be discouraged to complete the task you want the results of. Ex: losing weight. This is just a personal opinion, I am not trying to state that I am correct.

  • Weak.

    If you believe you want ignorance, then you are weak. You can't bare the burden of intelligence, or the truth. If you are unaware you become a slave. Instead of wishing you never knew, learn more about it. Come to a realization of what the problem is and how to deal with it.

  • I do not believe so!

    If a person is intelligent, then being ignorant about life will not work. I am always questioning how life works, and people intentions. If a person is ignorant, it could hinder that person from making a better decision for themselves and family. I believe the more educated someone is the more he realizes that he does not have all the answers!

  • Not for me

    For some it may be, but not knowing is not enough for me. I like learning and asking questions. I try not to make excuses for my ignorance, especially when said ignorance can cause irrational hatred, fear, and anger. If anything, ignorance is not blissful at all. Knowing is blissful.

  • To a Point

    To the individual, yes it is. If it is about emotional thing that would destroy the person then it is good that they dont know and can continue to be in bliss. if it is about something that can help the environment, or some political thing then no, you should know what is going on.

  • Just doesn't feel Right.

    Even if it sometimes hurts to know all the things out there. Its good to learn and know about it...And understand/accept it.Shutting it all out just causes more problems it seems. There's a lot of bad and good out there. Its not right to just ignore everything bad. I feel its a part of life to know the good and the bad side of everything, and understand it for how it is.

  • Ignorance is a lack of knowledge

    It all depends on how you define 'bliss'. If you think bliss to be a lack of knowledge from any negativity, then ignorance (of problems) would be bliss. However if you think that bliss is having the least amount of negativity in your life, then you must not be ignorant to problems and you must go out to solve them. Take the example of having a romantic partner. If they are cheating on you and you are unaware of it, they are still cheating on you but because of your ignorance to it, you feel nothing bad towards them and find yourself in a state of 'bliss'. But if you are aware of it (thus not ignorant), then you can move on from them and find a loyal partner. I personally feel that ignorance is not bliss (if anything it is cowardly) because you are hiding from your problems and are too afraid of any consequences that may come from fixing these problems.

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  • Ignorance is NOT bliss!

    I do not think that ignorance is bliss! In the end, what you don't know WILL hurt you! It is best to learn things before they come back and hurt you in the end. There are a lot of historical scenarios where the victims ignorance ended up hurting everyone in the country!!

  • Ignorance Is Not Bliss;

    A blissful ignorance is an impossible state to achieve. There is no specific state of ignorance that includes any type of bliss either. Ignorance of one may result in worry when dealing with another's actions. Ignorance can lead to things like demoted social standings and social bullying. Sometimes, in more than a few places and times, ignorance has also led to death of multiple sorts.

  • Ignoring the problem does not make it go away.

    Ignorance is to have lack of knowledge or information about something. Yes, you can not know EVERYTHING the world has to offer but you can't just shut out things that have presented themselves to you. I feel ignorance is when people comment on things and situations solely on their opinions rather than doing research and becoming knowledgeable on the situation.

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