• They are my fravorite band!!!!!!!

    I love them! They are an amazing band! I heard one of their songs on the radio, and i loved it. So i searched the songs name on pandora and i instantly LOVED them. Then i started listening to their other songs and started to wish i had gone to their concert. I cannot let you dislike this band so i will recomend their top 5 amazing songs:
    4.On top of the world
    3. To late to apoligize
    2. Radioactive
    1.Bleeding out

  • I've tried to find a reason to not like them.

    But I can't! I took my 12 year old son to their concert and found myself jumping up and down with the rest of the youngsters. As a veteran of many concerts of many genres, I appreciated their great stage presence and great talent. I think main stream has poured over them and that's just how it will be for them. My guess: They'll be one of the greats, probably in the crowd of U2, Pearl Jam, and Coldplay.

  • I adore them

    Yes!!! They are. I love them. And I have all their songs n my phone and I have the DVD too. My husband loves them too their songs are the best and they really know how to sing. And their videos are awesomeawesome!!! I seriously love them!!! Big fan over here!!!

  • Not only are they really good - they are great-outstanding!

    My feeling is that if you name a quality that applies to great bands, you'll find that ID has that quality.
    First, they have some great songs (Radioactive, Demons, Its Time, Top of the World, Who We Are (from Hunger Games), etc.) [Their songs also have a certain distinctiveness and freshness.]
    Second, they can sing. Dan has a great voice - its amazing he's able to keep singing at all these live events. His singing is filled with nuance and feeling.
    Third, their live shows are incredibly powerful, energetic, and energizing. Just watch some of the live renditions of Radioactive for example - they will blow you away. I will add that there is also a raw and authentic feel to their live songs/shows. (Read the comments of people who have been to those live shows on youtube. )
    Fourth the band is really into the music - watch them while they're playing live. From their interviews its clear they're just as much into other people's music as well. Without knocking anybody else, its clear they are motivated not by making money or getting girls, etc., but by the desire to make great music and to share it. (BTW: I read somewhere that tickets to their live shows are among the cheapest out there for bands drawing as many people as they do.)
    Fifth, the band has really rehearsed - they have thought through and practically choreographed every piece. Watch their acoustic versions and you can see they have analyzed their songs and have very carefully constructed the sound they want to create in each song. You can see they have constructed, deconstructed and then rebuilt each aspect of their songs with great deliberation. All (except Dan) have studied music extensively in college. They are talented musicians with the ability to play several instruments.
    Sixth, they seem like such a great group of friends. If you follow their interviews , they have a wonderful dynamic. You're bound to feel like - "heck, I wish I were a member of that band." They are extremely and genuinely humble - a quality so rare today in the general population and even rarer among celebrities and rock bands - at least at the public level. At the same time these guys are plainly dreaming about and working towards seeking greatness and the widest possible audience for their music.
    Seventh, they care about the fans - and they understand the fans - because they still feel like fans themselves when they discuss other bands. (See e.G., above comments about ticket-prices and their humility.)
    I could go and on - and maybe I will another time. I personally think they are already a great band. But if they are able to continue to come up with fresh music of the caliber of their best work to date - and there seems to be every reason to expect they will - they have the potential to become one of the truly great bands of all time.

  • Sure they are

    I like them so much . And I don't say that they are a good band just because I particularly like them . I say this because they have a special way of showing us how they feel , how things work , and the most important how they see this world . It is important for an artist to have the fan's support in everything , but they don't sing only for this you know what I say here? They don't have songs only for the commercial side of this business, they procreate the humans feelings. And let's not forget that the name implicates "dragons" and seriously what could you possibly want more ? So yes in the final Imagine Dragons are a really good band.

  • Imagine Dragons are so so so Good!!!

    Imagine Dragons are without a doubt a good band. They produce and release awesome songs like: Radioative, It's Time, On top of the world and Demons. If they weren't a good band, they wouldn't be on the charts and they obviously are. Imagine Dragons are amazing and they have great songs.

  • Yeah it's pretty good, BUT!

    Remember, this is just the beginning. Who knows? They might become famous again, but they might fall later. Night Visions is just their CURRENT album. We still have to wait and see...
    Thank you,
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They are amazing.

    Imagine Dragons, first and foremost, have the catchiest songs in my opinion (Radioactive, On Top of the World, Underdog, etc.). Second, Fun. Was my favorite band for the longest time. Then, one night, I listened to their Night Visions album, and I started to doubt everything I knew. Every single one of their songs was different and beautiful in it's own way. Imagine Dragons is now my favorite band, even though I really really like Fun.. Third, Imagine Dragons has a song for almost every person. Demons for the people who like to find meaning in songs, Radioactive who don't really care for meaning in songs cuz it's really catchy and has a great music video. Fourth and finally, they have great instrumental talents.

  • Imagine Dragons Are Good People

    When I went to their concert, they had a big speech, about how fear should never stop us from doing the things we love. And how fear will never stop him from singing. (he mentioned this, because of what happened in Vegas and Manchester). And later on the concert, he talked about how he had depression, and that asking for help doesn't mean you are weak, and that you should always get help. I honestly think their band is not just great in music, but they are good people too.

  • They are amazing

    Their songs mean something more, the lyrics to their songs, everything! I have dealt with depression, anxiety and guilt and they helped me so much. For that i can never repay them. They are my favorite artists and their songs aren't meaningless and stupid like rap or songs about "breakups" and things like that. They mean something bigger and better, and their songs are a source of inspiration in good times and comfort in horrible times.

  • They make music to make money

    Ever wonder why all you ever hear is their music? Because they sell it to everyone. They're sell outs from the start. They put little effort into making something impressive so they just settle for listenable and that's sadly what you retards like. Something simple and repetitive that has lyrics that relate to your retarded lives.

  • Their music cant even be considered as art

    Look at lyrics of their songs. Most of them dont make sense in any level. Concept that is called art usually revolves maker of it telling something or trying to have a somekind of "influence" to listener/watcher etc.

    If you look at these lyrics of the band that usually make 0% sense it isnt gonna open up to you. In art everyone should be careful of using metaphors and ID is basically showing how to fuck up every full lyrics with basically using metaphors that can mean so many things and If nobody gets what the song is saying without artist having to specify, you can see that the saying is empty. Also If you cant make your saying clear it just for me seems like a shit/lazy songwriting.

    Have heard so many times "If it sounds good whats the fucking matter?" well i happen to have problem with the fact that they make their music sound as radio friendly as you can.

  • Nothing but a two bit pop group.

    The idea of a band like this being really good kinda confuses me. They sound a little unique, I'll give them that, but so does a fart played through a megaphone into an Xbox 360 headset. Besides their inexplicable popularity with apparently everyone, they have nothing. They have alright voice talent, but there are plenty of groups with far better voice talent. Their music sounds okay, but it's basically just the same thing everything else makes to sell records, and there are plenty of groups with unique style and sound that get pushed to the wayside. It's the most blatant appeal to the second-lowest common denominator that thinks themselves more in the know than the lowest common denominator. In short, ID is a band that knows their audience and how to make money off of them.

  • No, many people do not like them.

    No, Imagine Dragons is not a really good band, because they do not do anything that is really original. There are many other bands out there that are similar to Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons has not risen above the rest and made a name for themselves. They are just another band.

  • No they're incredibly unoriginal

    If you actually sit down to play their songs on a piano or guitar you'll realize why all their songs sound the same- cuz they are all the same. They use the same four chord sequence with all their hits and they don't even try to hide it- they just let it run. Their songs are definitely catchy but I guess that's why people (read kids) like pop radio hits- cuz they're catchy.

  • Incredibly dull and repetitious

    All sounds the same. Annoying singing,mediocre musicianship ,no wonder they are so popular in today's dumbed down music industry . There is no Artistic integrity in pop music . Pop music peaked in the 60's. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse it does. I didn't think much of 90's rock but it is much better than what we have today .

  • Not original and lyrics are pretty shallow and stupid

    That's about it. Bands combining orchestral elements with rap and 'big drum' interludes have been happening for a decade, lots of bands do it better - Gorillaz and Efterklang are 2 off the top of my head. And yeah, the writing is just pretty sub-par, even for pop rock. Not terrible, but not "good".

  • THey really suck

    They are sellouts, aren't original, annoying and just like all music acts today. All their songs sound the same and they act all cool and try to get attention. They never try anything new and just repeat the same beats and the subject matter over and over for big hits

  • Annoying as hell

    Every time I hear them on the radio, which is about every 30 minutes, I become annoyed by their melodies and lyrics. I'm sorry, but ID is not original, and they try too hard to be mainstream. Lyrics make no sense. The upwards voice inflection on the lightning thunder song is probably the most effing annoying thing I've ever heard.

  • Imagine Dragons isn't just a good band because they're "your favorite band"

    Their instrumentals are always a very heavy industrial generic sounding garage band noise and either a low synth or a repetitive guitar riff. And I'm sorry, but there is nothing particularly unique or interesting about having the chorus repeated five times in a song or a group of men shouting "radioactive" over and over again. The harmonies are always a third up, something a 12-year-old choir student can do without rehearsal. Their lyrics are about as deep as "Milk and Honey" and, again, are painfully repetitive. Look, some of their songs are cute but they are extremely overrated.

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