• Yes it is.

    Immigration when done right is a great thing. It allows diversity in the country gives us a means to understand other cultures and gives those people a safe and good country to stay at. However, illegal immigration is not a good thing. It is a crime and people need to understand that.

  • Immigration is good

    Immigrant are basically the founders of the U.S. They are the people that put us at where we are today. Some people say that immigrants are bad because they take all off our jobs, and yes in a way they do but that also helps our economy. I mean, illegal immigrants are bad but LEGAL immigrants are GOOD. And like some people say, "No hate."

    Basically what I am trying to say is that immigration is good!!

  • Yes, It is at least in terms of human rights.

    It is really a difficult issue: Is immigration a good thing? I'm not so sure about that.
    There are a lot of downsides in it, as different conflicts between natives and migrants based on different mentalities, religions and cultures. But it seems to me that every human being has the right to a better life.
    If everything is okay, then a person won't change the place of his/her residence. It is a Law of Nature: move to a better place where you can find enough resources for providing your life. It is true for all creatures.
    So, I believe that immigration is not totally a good phenomenon, but it is at least justifiable from the perspective of human nature.

  • In Search of Better Life

    It is really a difficult issue: Is immigration a good thing? I'm not so sure about that. There is a lot of downsides in it. As different conflicts between natives and migrants based on different mentalities, religions and cultures. But It seems to me that every human being has the right to a better life. If everything is okay, then a person won't change the place of his/her residence. It is a Law of Nature: move to a better place where you can find enough resourses for providing your life. It is true for all living things. So, I believe that if immigration is not a good thing, it is at least justifiable from the perspective of human nature.

  • It is necessary for America

    Without Immigration , America would not even be the land it is today. America was founded BY immigrants. If anyone has the right to say no to it , it should be the Native Americans . To say that immigrants are taking jobs is correct , but not in a negative way. They take jobs because 1. They need to put food on the table for their families and 2. They are grateful for what they get . Many do not realize how much we need to appreciate what we have . Many immigrants put in the hard work to get those jobs . And to shut down immigration would just shrivel the economy . My only that, but we could lose the next Albert Einstein or the next president . How would you feel if you were arrested the moment after you got your college diploma ? All because you did not have something that says I am American. And many children come to America at a young age and are immersed in American culture but are still considered illegal. It needs to be fixed .

  • Yes, it can be....

    There are many pros and cons to this issue. Legal immigration is good and does provide cultural diversity. And, immigrants take a lot of jobs Americans wouldn't want. But, illegal immigration needs to be fixed because it cost tax payers a lot of wasted money! I don't think it's right to waste money on illegal immigration when the money should be going to our education, our homeless problems, our unemployment problems, and our hospitals!

  • Yes, Immigration is good

    Immigration is good because it actually costs more to deport immigrants, putting a strain on the economy. Per year, it costs the government $8318 to deport each person.They also bring in an influx of intelligence. You think Americans created everything in that country? Don't be so egoistical. How do you think America as a continent was created? America as we know it wouldn't exist if it weren't for immigrants! It also helps to being a balance in diversity, which is essential to the survival of the human race as without diversity we would all be the same thus having no genetic variation and no natural selection. You see the problem here? We would all die eventually for being the same! The inferior would die and there would be no way for the superior species to progress. Immigrants are also more likely to do the dirty jobs that you don't want to. Thought of that? The economy can't grow if they don't have workers for every job. Anyway, in reality there is more money circulating the economy which means more job availability.

  • yes immigration is good

    Immigration has not only brought diversity but a change of life to the american population. It has brought or made working more easier to the average person. Though immigration is good illegal immigration is not that good neither for the country or the person coming to that country. There are trials that come with not being able to drive or maybe even sometimes low pay.

    My point is immigration is a good thing.


    Because its their business, not yours. How would you like it if you went to a country and werew discriminated against for being foreign? I don't think you'd like it. Get over it, they are people just the same as us. Some people have referred to immigrants as 'vermin'. This is one way that prejudice like this starts

  • Melting Pot Makes America Great

    Immigration makes this country great. America is a place where diversity of opinions is cherished instead of shunned. It doesn't matter if the color of your skin is black, white, yellow, orange, tan or chocolate. Everyone is welcome here as productive members of American society. The next great idea may come from an immigrant. The space race? Werner Von Braun, a German immigrant who left the Third Reich, was single-handedly responsible for the modern space program.

  • No, it is not

    They take the jobs that people need. Their chance is better than any American will ever get. Immigrants are not forced to be an American once they are citizens. If a person wants to come to America, they need to learn how to be an American and treasure it. These immigrants that are allowed in have no respect. They just want a free ride...

  • Immigration is horrible

    Immigration makes people loose their jobs and makes America be way more crowded, which in turn makes everyone more congested and irritated in the long run.. People should stay where they came from and make their lives there better instead of moving and taking the easy way out. Immigration is a horrible and intolerable thing.

  • Immigration is bad!

    Immigration is taking over American jobs and they are taking up room in American society. They aren't being treated the way that they should. Americans jobs are being taken and that is why unemployment is at eight percent, immigration is not good for other countries either. They are loosing population and that can be a bad thing. So...... Yeah

  • Immigration ruining america

    They're taking away from those who were born and raised here. They are also causing more violence to occur. Because of all these people coming in, we are losing our own country. Did you know, that 5% of our population (illegal immigrants) are causing 40% of our crime? That's outrageous. We pay an increasingly higher amount of taxes for them too.

  • No its not

    The world is smaller anyway, most migration are from 3rd world countries moving to developed countries. Reason they move is because their government aren't able to provide the most basic human needs to their population. These governments and the politicians should be held to account. These 3rd world countries receive loans, funds, .... We pay through our pockets post tax to aid via Christian Aid, Oxfam, Red Nose,...... We travel and boost a country's economy and now above all we have to put up with illegal immigrants. What is the purpose of UN, and all other charity organisations? Where are they? Why should being a successful, democratic country that upholds human value have to suffer and put up with the stress, insecurity and all the other issues that immigration bring to our doorstep. Where is immigration law. Why is it that people who flee prosecution as they say, be willing to travel miles cross numerous borders to choose where they want to settle? Anyone fleeing prosecution will tell you that any country in Europe or Asia would be safe not just the UK.
    Calais is France's problem, they should solve it. UK should stop being a soft target and put foot down. Anyone wanting to immigrate to the UK should follow immigration / UN process of immigrating, and individuals should be willing to abide by the rules of the country.
    It is appalling to see the immigration debate, had we tackled in from the first point of contact i.e. boats approaching the Italian shores from the beginning and send back, and tackled smugglers, we would not have been in this situation.
    And whose speaking for the British citizens who are undergoing the stress, insecurity and changes in their own country!!!!

    Posted by: Razz
  • It depends though!

    Countries will get too crowded and immigrants will take jobs that we need. However, everyone should have and live a peaceful and fair life so being stuck in their own country, which could have lots of wars going on, is unfair on them if they did nothing wrong. Good day.

  • No it isn't

    Criminals are coming into our country and hurting us!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As well as that, they are taking all of our jobs.
    Plus, if your children had to learn new languages you wouldn't like it.
    The NHS is getting very overcrowded.
    The money raised fem taxis are going towards there benefits not yours

  • They can never be true

    They can never be true to their new country. In their heart their love for their original country would always be there. The patriotic talks would only be a lip service. If you like to stay in a country you really need to follow their culture not mix your culture. If you leave your land behind you should also leave that culture and adopt a new culture.

  • Its illegal and shouldnt be done

    It would lead to a better education and a better life for the people that are immigrating but they would also give some of their culture to the place they are migrating to they would give music, food and all other things from where they are originally from. They are getting all their skills and putting into jobs suitable for there skills

  • The Definition of migration

    Migration is the act off fleeing to another country permanently due to another country in fear to escape war, poverty, being poor, live in a poor country, or escaping persecution. I am explaining to you why immigration is good to benift our nation by helpung our cultural diversity, it will help grow in population, we will get more skilled labor, more workers and it will help in fincill was sych as growth of industry.

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