• The problem with infinites

    If you lived for an infinite amount of time, anything that can happen to you will, by definition, happen to you. That means you will die. So the concept of immortality is a paradox in an of itself. Secondly, you will also suffer infinite pain. Pain is worse than happiness is good.

  • Yes, I agree that people shouldn't live forever.

    The fact that we only have a limited amount of time on this earth is one of the main things that give our lives meaning. It encourages us to make the best use of our time and to experience as much of what this world has to offer while we still have a chance to. If we never did die, I fear that life would seem meaningless. I wonder what we would spend all of eternity doing.

  • Immortality is bad.

    First of all, unless you are cloned or frozen in time, immortality is impossible, at least for now. If it were possible, I don't think it would be good. People continue to have babies and they never die, Therefore, the population would over run the world. There would not be enough jobs for people and the balance of nature would be completely thrown off.

  • beginning and end

    What would be the point in beginning if there is no ending? If immortality were to exist, why or how would you have begun? The mystery of the end will never be answered. Please someone explain why you would want to live forever in the first place. Whats to live for if there is no ending.

  • Yup, who would actually want to live forever?

    Assuming the body does not decay while it is still occupied, as no flesh can last forever, immortality may seem, at first glance, to be a golden opportunity. But, when dissected and further examined it becomes evident that it is a fool's gold. To watch ones family and friends fade from history is a sodden affair. One would find themselves to be lost in a world in which no one can comprehend their views and experiences. Their days would be laden with boredom that can only be achieved from a life times worth of excitement. A life that lasts forever is arguably no life at all, in order for one to truly experience life, the threat of death must all ways lay heavy on their heels.

  • Immortality is bad.

    First of all, unless you are cloned or frozen in time, immortality is impossible, at least for now. If it were possible, I don't think it would be good. People continue to have babies and they never die, Therefore, the population would over run the world. There would not be enough jobs for people and the balance of nature would be completely thrown off.

  • Immortality is not only bad but impossible and here are some reasons why no sane person would want to become immortal

    -Decay of mental health
    -Loss of memory
    -Loss of personality traits
    -Physical exhaustion
    -Blindness (from being exposed to light for too long) and deafness (from being exposed too long to sounds)

    -Population unballance
    -Jobs unballance
    -Limited edible and drinkable resources
    -No purpose in life

    -Possible climate change
    -Possible accidents
    -Possible wars
    -Possible famine
    -Possible natural disasters

    And many more...

    I hope I convinced you that infinite life should remain a sci-fi subiect because it is not possible on this planet.

  • You'll always live.

    No matter what happens to you, you'll be forced to keep living through it. The pain of every injury, even wounds that would normally end up killing a regular human being, you'll be forced to live through the pain forever. After about a hundred years, everyone you know and love will be dead and you'll be left as a mere husk of your former self. You have nothing left to live for, but you have no choice but to keep living. Immortality is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you, as it dooms you to a fate WORSE than death.

  • Quality over quantity

    Immortality will make one lonely as everyone else will be gone. Or, everyone will overcrowd each other causing huge apocolyptic problems involving space. Life isn't about living forever or how long you live. Its about what you did with your life and reflecting on that as your dying and being put to amends with your mortality. Plus a living person will have sense not to keep living if they realize they do not want to have a world where everyone is immortal since everyone would realize the problems it would cause with their welfare. Again life isn't about the quantity of it but the quality.

  • It is Terrible

    You would live forever! It doesn't mean invincibility, and you would just be their, waiting, for eternity, with nothing to do. It would be immensely boring and terrible and you would go insane. Everyone who is working on it I will cut off your head. Also that would mean overpopulation.

  • Immortality could be good.

    While the yes arguements point to population, the rest of your family dying etc. I say this;

    If we lived in a world were you could be immortal, the choice to become immortal could go hand in hand with fertility. There is nothing saying that an immortal person must reproduce.

    Saying that they will be bored or must have death at their heels to enjoy life is subjective. What if science is your enjoyment. A great mind would not be restricted to a few years for his/her work. They could spend thousands of years learning about the world, learning how it works and gaining a much much greater understanding of the world than anyone can ever have with the life spans we are restricted to. Medical and scientific advances wouldn't be subject each new generation having to spend 20+ years learning the previous work, great scientists could just keep improving.

    Imagine is Einstein, hawking and Newton, for example were given immortality. Or any other select group of great minds. Think of the advances if they are given 200, 400, 600 years.

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  • Is immortality bad or good?

    Immortality is only bad when a species who does not naturally have that ability suddenly gets it. Such as a lobster with its never aging ability verses a human who was never supposed to have it. Lobster create no real problems, but humans, who already have overpopulation issues as it is, will create some major problems in nature. Dying is natural to us, we do not need to play the role of God again, we need to celebrate naturally Death rather than attempting to push it aside, such as cancer and other deceases. The more cure the more people to create the overpopulation issue. If nature wanted us to be immortal we would be immortal. (Adam and Eve is fiction, I don,t use the Bible as a textbook.)

  • Immortality is boring and depressing.

    For one thing, if nobody else was immortal, than everyone you meet will die and you won't, giving you endless suffering, unless you cut yourself off from the world, which will still cause you to suffer. Also, it will be boring because you will eventually keep seeing the same things for eternity.

  • It would suck to live forever.

    Have you ever wanted to live forever? Well, you're wrong.It would be horrible to live forever. All of your friends and family would grow old and die, you would be forced to move, and you would never change in life. Despite all this evidence, people still think it would be wonderful to live forever. This Essay will tell why it would be horrible to live forever, providing support from the book Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt.

    Thus, it would be rather tragic to watch your loved ones grow old and die. If you lived forever, your friends and family die. I all of your friends and family die, you would have no one to help and take care of you. Namely, “Mile’s wife and kids moved away when they found out that he did not age, they went away”. However, people still would like to live forever. If you did not age, you would not die either. This may be true, but it is wrong because Everyone you know will die. Would you want to watch your family die?

    Now that you know about that, here is another reason why it would be horrible to live forever. You would never change in life. If you never changed, you would stay a kid or old guy forever. That would not be good. Also, in the book, Tuck says “I want to grow again. To change”. He wants to be able to live his life again. Although it is bad to never change, people still would like like to never change. This type of thought is wrong because you would never be able to live a full life, you would just be stuck the same age forever. This is why you would not want to stay the same in life. You would (clearly!) want to live a full and happy life.

    This leaves us with one last piece of evidence. If you lived forever, you would have to constantly move for fear of other people notice you not aging. In the book, Mae says “We have had to move many times because of this”. People might notice that you do not age, and BAM! Everyone rushes over and I quote, “like pigs running to a trough”. People still may be okay with this, since the trade off is being immortal. They should not think this because with the moving, you would never truly be at home. Do you still think living forever would be pleasant?

    Now that you know all of this, here is a little recap. It would be horrible to live forever. After all of the evidence I have mentioned, people still want to live forever. This is yet again wrong because all of your friends and family would grow old and die, you would be forced to move, and you would never change in life.

  • The pain of wanting a end

    As you live forever you will live with the free of the end life will be a pain. Question like when will it all end or how will it end. Was they a end. To continue living forever and ever will pain you thought as you hope for a perfect ending. But you don,t know how it will end.

  • Immortality SUCkS BALLS

    If you think about it, living forever can mean you HAVE to take GREAT care of yourself or else the pill you took will be wasted since you died. This means you take care of yourself less than right now because you are not wasting anything. Plus, you can see your family and friends grow old and pass away while you're the only person in your family to be living on this planet. So to wrap this argument up, I tell you immortality should never be created

  • I think no quite good for living forever.

    For people living forever, I think it isn't good for us. Because if you live in this world, and you can never die, but just look you friends die one by one. It wasn't felling good. You will be feel lonely, people who you know just past one by one.

  • Living forever is a bad thing

    If you were to live forever, there would be no time, you would just live through life while watching all of your loved ones die. And if everyone were to be immortal, the population would be growing and growing until there is no more space and jobs left for more. There is truly no living without death. If you do not die at some point then what is the point? You can't live without dying. Things that you do, the risks that you take won't matter. There are many more cons than pros in this argument, so I think that living forever is a bad thing.

  • Living forever is torture.

    If you were to live forever, your life would crumble at the edges leaving nothing exept objects to keep you biussy. You would just sit back and watch your friends and family take course in life then die for what the fear of death. You will sit back and watch the earth change little by little with no sight into what may happen. There may start a pluage in which 99%v of the population dies and you are stuck with little comfurt.

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