Is imported wine worth it even if it is shipped in bags rather than bottles?

  • Imported wine is great no matter how it's shipped

    Usually wine is imported in bottles, but a new trend has developed where wine is shipped in bags. This doesn't matter in the least. People will still want to drink wine because they don't care how it's shipped: all that is important to them is that it arrives safely for them to enjoy.

  • Yes, it is worth it.

    Imported wine is worth it even of it shipped in in bags rather than the bottles. It is the contents that matters a lot and not the packaging. However, after it enters the country it is repackaged into bottles for supermarkets and wine stores. Bag-packaging is for easy and safe shipment.

  • Yes, why not?

    What are we going to do with all the waste plastic that is a by-product produced from oil; no carrier bags still leaves mountains of solid waste plastic; that has to go somewhere; as to not being biodegradable; fine; lots of other things are as well; should we ban those as well; and how many more forests should we chop down for biodegradable paper bags etc; and what is wrong with indestructible products; we could use those to fill up the holes in the earth we make getting out all mining materials; even use them for road building and coating walkways and pavements etc.

  • No, importeted wine shipped in bags is not worth it.

    The purpose of expensive, imported wine is to present a certain image of a sophisticated wine connoisseur. Shipping imported wine in bags instead of bottles defeats the purpose of buying expensive wines. Most wine connoisseurs would agree that wine should be shipped in a bottle. They would feel that this cheapens the wine. In short, imported wine shipped in bags is not worth it.

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