Is Income Inequality a Major Issue in America?

Asked by: Jonivan
  • Yes, it is a very big problem.

    Income inequality isn't just an American problem; it's a global problem.


    According to Forbes, 67 of the world's wealthiest people hold as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 BILLION(3,500,000,000) people.


    According to the Washington Post, America's top 20% earners take in 50% of all of America's total income. Even worse, the wealthiest 10% own 76% of all of the nation's wealth.


    According to CNN, CEOs in America's biggest firms, make 300 times their average worker.

    --This problem isn't new, though. The wealthy have been exploiting and manipulating the masses for a long, long time. Before America's existence, actually. But people wonder why they are working 52 hours a week and more productively than they were 20 years ago, but can't get anywhere near a million dollars in wealth, or at least any kind of raise in pay; this is why.

    There has always been those people in every society who exploit and manipulate, but the masses won't do a damn thing about it. Many people aren't even aware how bad of a deal the average person has in this system. Think about it. The average American works 52 hours a week, and makes $52,000 a year with a net worth of $10,000. But there's people who are worth upward of $1 Billion. Some people try to argue that the rich are working harder than every one else.

    If this is the case, how much harder are they working? There is no way in hell they are working for half or even a quarter of their wealth and income. Donald Trump isn't worth $8 Billion because he is busting his ass. There's plenty of Americans busting their ass week in and week out, but most of them won't live to see at least $1 million in their bank account.

    If this problem could be fixed, permanently, that would be evolutionary for humanity.

  • Classism is an inevitable part of competition

    I am not what one would consider a wealthy individual. I live comfortably at what I consider the true middle class with just enough wealth to not have to worry about where my next meal will come from.

    Classism and wealth inequality lies at the root of most of the world's problems. Racism, war, and hunger are prevalent among those without power. Though we have evolved as a species, we cannot escape the basic rule of nature in which pack animals form natural levels of hierarchy. Every pack has an Alpha who controls the pack with subsequent levels of respect and standing being left for the rest to decide upon. I view our modern global economy as being a giant +7 billion member pack which reflects this Darwinian principle. It is natural for the masses at the bottom of the pyramid to envy and loath those above them, but the world is not a fair place. We are all dealt different hands both socially and economically and it is up to the individual to play what he/she was dealt.

    Again I do not think that income inequality is a problem, but simply the inevitable outcome of living beings competing for limited resources. Of course the general populace can enact laws to curb this inequality, but all that does is take higher income away from the private citizen and lay it in the hands of a private citizen masquerading himself as a government official for the people. This is how communist states rise, with history providing a lesson of ironic futility for those who believe in the crab barrel mentality that if I can't win, nobody can.

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