• No country is safe

    Exactly, no country is safe, but it would help if the laws were more stringent and the govt, not so corrupt...Women would feel more secure... The security of women is more in some countries than others but that doesn't mean complete security of women exists in all countries.. But India would benefit if the laws took action more precicely without opening unnecessary topics that are clearly illegal, open for debate... Instead the the laws should be precise in taking action immediately that would make the right difference and India would be a much safer country...

  • Yes India can be considered safe

    If you are traveling to India and you are visiting the larger cities then yes in general it is a safe country. There are of course parts of every city that are less safe and traveling around India without knowing where you are going can get you in trouble just like any other country.

  • Dont travel here ALONE.

    Before I went to India (Delhi) as a toursit, my coworker (Indian Guy) in GCC told me to be very careful in India specially in Delhi, my friend. That says it all what kind of country is India, if a local said something like that to their motherland then you know something bad will happen and it did for me, lucky for me I can call the Indian Guy for assitance and leave the country in one piece. I thought the GCC was scary, I was definitely wrong.

  • The scum of the world

    Not only is the country dirty (literally) but even their minds are ugly and dirty. This country will never progress no matter how much they rant about having good brains and shit but their thinking is as low and stereotypical as a psychopath. This is not a safe place:
    1] They will kill you for money
    2] They will rape you if you are female
    3] They will hurt you for their ego
    4] They will cut you beat you just because they cannot have what you have and are jealous about it

    Scum of the world.

  • Completely disagree with the contents of this article

    If there is one country in the world that can lead the way on hospitality standards, it is India. Try a Courtyard Marriott in India and the hospitality is way better than a full-service Marriott in the US. India is as safe as any other country in the West. There are a billion people out there and it is the largest democracy, so change is slow but it is happening.

  • No country is entirely "safe."

    No country is entirely safe. However, I would say some are more safe than others. I would say that India needs to take a harder on crime and chauvinism, which is helping fuel rape in the country. But, you can't ever expect to go anywhere without the possibility of being robbed or raped.

  • No, why are people going here?

    First of all, I want to point out that I have been to India before, so nobody can tell me I'm biased. Now that that's done, let me start. Sometime recently, a couple of female tourists were gangraped in India. In response, someone in charge there decided to make rapes that caused death or coma punishable by death. This I am fine with, I like the death penalty. But he went on to say that stalking, voyeurism, acid throwing and trafficking of women are now also crimes. NOW. This means that up until this point, stalking, voyeurism, ACID THROWING, & trafficking of women were not legal.

    Why are people going to this place? To see the taj mahal? Check out the thumbnail. You wanna see the interior? Well, you have to wait for 4 hours in the hot sun and not wear shoes according to their f***ed up culture. You wanna know the history of the Taj Mahal, check out this new website, it's called F***ING GOOGLE! The rape levels in india are so high, there is a wikipedia page regarding it. Nobody should be going here! Why would anybody go to a third world country to begin with?

    (Yo dawg I heard you liked rants so I put a rant in yo rant so you can rant while you rant)
    Why would somebody who lives in a nice, safe, and clean place want to go to a country with crime, bad government, & where people toss ACID in your FACE?

    (back to the normal rant)
    The UNICEF website, in the section regarding safety in India, mentions that more than half of the population SH*T OUT IN THE OPEN. Why are people going here? I mean I guess this was all conveniently left out of the travel brochure, but seriously? So many people saw how terrible this place was in Slumdog Millionaire, but then even more people started visiting! WHY? THERE IS NO REASON. Meanwhile, there are tons of reasons NOT to go to India.

    Again, ACID THROWING. This was a part of their culture, for men to THROW ACID at women and disfigure their face. The government saw no issue with this until 2013. ACID DOES NOT BELONG ON FACES.

    Oh, you're looking for resources? Well, either you agree with me and want to know where I got my sources, in which case it's up on that searchbar up there. If you don't agree with me, well then my resource is my middle finger.

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