• Lets just think a little

    Until a few months ago THROWING ACID at someone was not considered illegal, India does not currently have a grip on safety laws and in the past few years the high accounts of casualties and murders have increased a high amount, honestly it would be one of the last places you should go to.

  • Yes it is

    In India there is loot everywhere.. The behavior of the guides is also not good towards the tourists whether they are domestic or foreign.. They take the benefit of the foreign tourists and abuse them in the language the tourists don't understand.
    Instead of being such a developing country India is slowly converting to a tourists nightmare

  • Sad but YES

    It is sad but Indian is not the best tourist destination. Some people have those good vibes but most are those prejudice and judgmental kind of people. When you are stranded, no one can be trusted. I was nearly robbed by the cab drivers and the local vendors. Our stuffs can easily get stolen in the massive crowds. People will only help you when you benefit them .They charge tourist double the price compared to a local citizen.

  • Crowds are hell

    I couldn't take the intense crowds of people. You will get touched, pushed, pinched, there is no escape. People get right in your face and are relentless. There is no personal space. That's a western thing. And the heat and humidity are unlike anything I have experienced. Now obviously that was New Delhi and to be fair I never got to experience the rural areas. The Indian people overall were very nice but be prepared you will be groped in public.

  • Filth, poor security, poor infra and bad attitude of people shadows otherwise great tourist attractions...

    On paper, India should be a tourist powerhouse. The country has all the right ingredients - good food, rich culture, beautiful historic monuments, spirituality, and diversity - to lure travellers from all over the world.
    BUT excessive filth, poor security, poor infra and bad attitude of people shadows this all and makes it a no no for foreign tourists.
    I am an Indian and came to know these reasons from my foreigner friends when I encouraged them to visit India.

  • Yes, although to others it is a dream.

    From what I understand from friends who have traveled and studied there, India is a dream world that can turn into a nightmare if one is not prepared and/or guided. Almost everyone gets sick for a day or two when they first get there and eat or drink something, but they say the experience is well worth it.

  • It's a disheartening truth....

    Certainly... India is turning into a nightmare for most of the tourists, especially foreign tourists... One can easily judge from surging criminal activities in India... Even the citizens of country are not safe. The Delhi Gang Rape is the perfect epitome... To support the opinion. Government should do something for the sake of tourists safety... Moreover should intervene into these kind of heinous criminal activities and impose some stringent laws and acts... So that civilians and tourists can feel themselves safe in India..

  • Whaaat? Racism alert!

    How is it a tourists nightmare? I'm sorry, but this is racist. The people there are just the same as everywhere else in the world and it has some great places like the Taj Mahal. And thirdly, my dad is Indian so HOW DARE YOU?! You have to admit when I saw 100% of people agreed I nearly screamed.

  • That is not at all true

    How can India be a tourists night mare. Why not any other country. India is very cultural and you can learn so many different languges right in that country such as Hindi, Kanada, Tamil and the very historical one Sanskrit. My parents are Indian and I had no idea about how wonderful India is.

  • No it's not.

    No, definitely not! India is a really beautiful place to visit for tourists! I have never been to India but I'm sure it is a great place to visit. There are lots of unique histories and culture so places like taj mahal and lots of other places I don't know, so it's definitely not a tourist's nightmare.

  • Nope, its not!

    Yes, it is true that there has been a drastic increase in the casualties happening in India. But there are some of the worlds most attractive and pleasant places to visit in India. Being an Indian I would say that we are having the best traditional culture in the world, and visiting India is surely going to be an amazing experience. All you have to take care is to book a "good" guide , that's it!

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