• Yes, the mindset of people in India is messed up.

    The simple fact that women are treated as dirt in that country and that the government does nothing to protect them is disgusting. India will do whatever it takes to make money and will sell out their own people. Corruption will always be rampant but the government needs to do something to protect their citizens, rich and poor, from things such as murder and female infanticide.

  • I could not give this article a better heading,

    Corruption in India is a major issue and adversely affects its economy. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International in India found that more than 62% of Indians had firsthand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfully. In its 2008 study, Transparency International reports about 40% of Indians had firsthand experience of paying bribes or using a contact to get a job done in public office.

  • Yes, there is corruption in India

    I firmly believe that all governments are corrupt to a certain extent. This, in my opinion, is due to the fact that there are wealthy people and companies out there that believe that their money can buy anything they want, including the government. This phenomenon is not limited to just one country, but is worldwide. I do not believe, however, that the people of India are corrupt.

  • All governments are corrupt.

    I firmly believe that, for the most part, ALL governments are corrupt in this modern age. There are too many wealthy people and companies out there that believe that they can buy anything that they want, and the government is not exempt to that belief. I do not, however, believe that the people of India are corrupt.

  • Yes, But Not Its People

    India is both incredibly corrupt and both a beautiful place. Some of the institutions thrive on bribery, and wealthier Indians are often able to buy their way out of trouble. Of course, this is a statement about the institutions in Indian, and not the wonderful people who happen to live there.

    Posted by: rpr
  • India is not corrupt

    Scams, scams, scams. Wherever you look, there are scams. So many in fact that people are losing faith in everything. Unless you are a cynic and say, as many do, that corruption rules India with a firmer hand than any Government, you must be disgusted to see how everyone in power has been looting India. A Report on Global Financial Integrity last week says $462 billion has been siphoned out since Independence, most of it derived from corruption and kickbacks.

    Now I am the kind of person who can't even figure how many zeroes there are in $462 billion but it certainly looks like an astonishingly large figure. In my time, we went after Rajiv for the Rs 64 crore Bofors scam and, even though we knew the actual amount purloined was much more, it was never in the league of today's scams. The CWG scam is Rs 70,000 crore and growing. The 2G scam is Rs 170,000 crore. Yes, I am learning how to count the zeroes but maths is not the issue here. It's probity. Has it finally deserted us? Is everyone a chor, as an unknown Indian tweeted me the other day? His exact words were: Sab saala chor.

    Now that's something I find hard to believe. Even after three decades of tough, no-nonsense journalism where I have seen and met every kind of rogue and rascal, I still believe this is not true. India is not a corrupt nation. We are not a corrupt people. No, this is not wishful thinking. It's based on the kind of people I meet every day in the course of my work. Most Indians are honest, hard working. They try very hard to live out their lives in difficult circumstances, whatever our GDP growth may be and the stock market indices may show. Life is not easy for most of them. Yet they demonstrate exemplary courage, dignity, faith.

    But what lets them down is the ruling elite, the 10% India which grabs all the loot. They are the ones in control everywhere and they are so supremely networked that it's almost impossible for the rest to break into that club of bandits and robber barons. Look around you and you will see it everywhere. It's this 10% India that manipulates politics and policy, and protects each other when the chips are down. They are all connected to each other as in a feudal protectorate. And even in rare cases where they are not, there are enough pimps around, to help them schmooze. That's why parties change, leaders change, voting patterns change but no one can break the nexus of the corrupt. They are all partners in crime even as they throw muck at each other in Parliament. Occasionally, when they are caught with their hand in the till, they are allowed to melt away. They are never punished.

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