• India is making improvements in taking action against crimes against women.

    Though India remains a relatively conservative country rooted in tradition, the feminist movement is gaining some traction in the country, resulting in better legal protection for women and increased prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes against women. As the country becomes more influenced by Western thought, they will continue to become more progressive in their views on women's rights.

  • Yes, India is beginning to take violence against women seriously.

    Yes, India is starting to turn a serious eye on gender-based crime. Pressure from groups who track down rapists, seek to prevent child marriages, and bring abusive men to justice are beginning to bring attention to these issues and are turning a global eye on the problem, so they are no longer able to ignore them.

  • India getting serious on crimes against women

    Yes, it is true that India is getting more serious on crimes against women. However, this will not amount to much unless the population as a whole changes. Kids in schools need to be taught that women are equal to men and this thinking needs to be instilled in their society until real change can be seen. Getting more serious on crime is secondary prevention to help control it. For India to benefit, they need primary preventions!

  • No, not enough. The Nationwide campaign is needed to reignite India 's core values and traditions that respect and nurture women and children.

    To increase the reporting of such cases at first we need to empower the women and children. They must be educate on their rights and encourage them to come forward to register the cases. There are many violent cases but due to stigma in the society very few are reported. Low enforces should be well trained to react swiftly and with sensitivity towards the women and children cases. Punishment of every culprit need to be exemplary. Campaigning of “Zero- tolerance” of sex offenders. More and more fast track court should establish.

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