Is industrial development more important than protecting the environment?

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  • Idc about environment

    Technology development is amazing meanwhile environment, like honestly i do not give a fucking shit about it and why would i anyways? Technology is how this website was made and without technology you would not be able to make this website and many other shit that we use would not exist without technology.

  • Yea obviously industrial development is quite more important rather than protecting the nature

    What's the use of the environment if we don't use it for our betterment. Infact the first industrial developed countries like Britain are more healthy and green rather than ours. So we cant say that the reason for environmental pollution is industrial development. These countries are both industrially and environmentally strong.

  • Yea obviously industrial development is quite more important rather than protecting the nature

    What's the use of the environment if we don't use it for our betterment. Infact the first industrial developed countries like Britain are more healthy and green rather than ours. So we cant say that the reason for environmental pollution is industrial development. These countries are both industrially and environmentally strong.

  • Definitely the answer is no.

    Destroying nature, our environment for industry development is madness . How could live on devastated territory come on just be a little logic and for a while think about next generation i mean your children. Could imagine long term drought no food no drinking water and wait for end of the day.

  • Yup.....But i think both are important

    No industrial development so what the use of environment. Environmental pollution people will not be left to make industries.
    Both are equally important. The point is industries should be developed but to such an extent that environment will be harmed. I think every thing should be done but upto to a certain limit.

  • Economic devlopment countries

    It helps in utilizing our natural resources properly if we have all the natural resources in this world there is no use of it if we don't use it.......Right? That's why I say economic development is important rather than protecting the environment with improvement in our industries we can turn to protecting the environment - SRIVARSH

  • We need to fend for ourselves too

    This may sound selfish but, I don't really care what happens for the people 500 years later. Life is a survival game. You prosper and have a good life, or you fail, die, and its gg. You dont need to be all goody goody and save the earth, because the earth Is going to die anyways. We were too late to save it a long time ago

  • Why not both?

    The thing is that protecting the environmental and industrial development, don't have to conflict with each other. What matters is that industrial development is done in a sustainable way. If the government sets up rules and regulations about harming the environment, and provides incentives not to do so, then industrialization, development and the environment acn all go together hand in hand.

  • Environment VS Human Life

    The premise behind the environmentalist movement is the belief that nature untouched by human influence has inherent moral value independently of its benefit to mankind, and therefore the influence of man, and especially that of industrial civilization, is immoral. What leading environmentalists oppose is not the threat to human life posed by environmental destruction, but man’s exploitation of nature to improve its ability to sustain human life.

    In the words of popular environmentalist Bill McKibben, “The problem is that nature, the independent force that has surrounded us since our earliest days, cannot coexist with our numbers and our habits. We may well be able to create a world that can support our numbers and our habits, but it will be an artificial world. . . .” The environmentalist attack on the “artificial” extends to all human manipulation of the environment. While few advocates of environmentalism recognize it as such, the ultimate goal of the environmentalist movement is the total destruction of industrial civilization, and the vast majority of the human race whose existence is made possible by it.

    Environmentalism versus the mind

    Human beings have evolved over millions of years to survive by using their reasoning mind. There is nothing “unnatural” about this. It is human nature to think and use technology to enrich our lives. We are as much a part of the “natural world” as any other creature. Instead of claws, fangs, or the heightened senses of animals, we have our minds and hands.The difference between our comfortable lives and the short, dangerous, and miserable existence that our ancestors eked out in trees, caves, and caverns is continually made possible by application of reason to the problem of survival.

    Shackling man’s mind by preventing him from applying it to improve his condition would ultimately lead to our extinction. The genetic and biochemical tools which made the Green Revolution possible feed billions of people today. Farming machinery feeds billions more. Undoing the industrial revolution would eliminate the vast majority of productivity improvements in agricultural production and distribution. To the extent that we cripple technology, we cripple our ability to exist as human beings.

  • Obviously environment is much more important

    Whoever says industries r far more important when the natural vegetation will vanish what do u think? U will suck on those iphones and first of all if the plant kingdom vanish and we continue to pollute our air we would destroy and ultra violet rays of sun also known as uV rays will burn u to deaths and as we know the plants r first on food chain all the balance food chain will disturb its like making a pearl necklace without strings.

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  • First think about environment

    According to me protecting environment is more important than industrial development..If we destroy our environment daily by doing pollution or cutting trees..Stop once n think, without trees what we r going to do in future. I am not saying that industrial development is not important but at some extent if we r dieing because of polluted environment . Are we our income saves our life or earths life...

  • According to me to stay alive we need equilibrium in nature -Because excess or deficiency of anything could be harmful to us.

    To stay alive need environment and today just getting greedy for just some money is more important for than one's life.Today people risks their life and I would like to relate this with a proverb-
    'That we can't clap with only one hand'.Both Indrustrial development and environmental protection are important.

  • No its not , we need to balance both the things

    Industrial development is for our benefits but at the same time its is indirectly destroying us. If there is no environment, we as humans being will also not be alive. Development is for us but if we r are not there then why do we need development.
    On the other hand if we need proper environment, we cant let go the development. If development is not there what will we do, sitting at doing nothing or not even home caves.
    So its better to balance both the things. If it is the ques of development then we should use the ways which are a bit eco-friendly and we should take small steps to protect environment.

  • In support of science, but why not do both. The environment should be respected not just protected.

    Technology is very important, but why do we need to hurt the earth with pollution and chemicals to improve our economic stability. We can use aqua-farming and indoor growing station to increase the area of one plot of land and allow for more available growing space without destroying environmental habitats.

  • Environment is why you are alive.

    If you cut all the trees for industrial development you will die too so why bother about technology when you are already dead. Air pollution water noise, do you really want to kill all the living things on this planet just that you can be rich, don't you have a heart?

  • Nope never !

    If you won't nourish a baby from birth,and force the baby to grow,without protecting it from harms,if you force him to grow,there will be a complete failure...Neither will the child grow,it will die from malnutrition ! So,first save the Earth,only then you will be able to carry on industrialization .

  • Definitely the answer is No.

    Just a little think about that , how could you living in devastated territory , no air for breathing no food no drinking water even for animals let alone humans.Come on you want to have easy life by ruin your around nature , woods , anything. Do you think about next generations i mean your children? Could you imagine long term drought such as what is happening in Africa. People are dieing because of . ....... Please for a moment be a little logic.

  • Environmental protection more important than industrial development

    Environmental protection is more important than industrial development because if there is no environment then there is no plants, animals and human beings.Industrial development can take place at any time, but environment protection should have been taken place before 40 or 50 years and now its too late. If it is not protected today then it will not be protected at any time. So you take the initiative in protecting the environment in your area and help the others too.

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