• Yes, inflatable flip cup is a fun and amusing segment.

    Jimmy Fallon has the ability to be extremely candid with his celebrity guests, and inflatable flip cup takes this to the next level. It is always fun to watch celebrities get competitive. Flip cup is a fun and hectic game by itself, but when the players are wearing an inflatable suit, it is taken to the next level of hilarity.

  • Jimmy Fallon always brings the laughs

    Late night talkshow host Jimmy Fallon is well known for having fun with the guests who appear on his show. He often does skits or sketches with them, but what Fallon is probably most famous for are the segments when he and his guests play games together. One of the most popular is the Inflatable Flip Cup game that never fails to make me laugh.

  • Yes, Infaltable Flip Cup is a fun segment.

    Yes, Infaltable Flip Cup is a fun segment. It gives viewers and the audience something to laugh at and look forward to. It's a great way to liven up the show, other than Jimmy Fallon himself. This segment is definitely fun, and undoubtedly not boring or annoying as some people say.

  • Yes, it is.

    The Jimmy Fallon show is fun and entertaining. The Inflatable Flip Cup is a fun new segment that is fun to watch and looks like it is just as much fun to play. It is a great way to get celebrities in on the action and is better than a boring talk show.

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