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  • Gas and food prices are soaring!

    Yes,inflation is a problem considering the soaring food and gas prices right now! They have increased at least 20% from last year! If Americans are having problems finding work and paying their mortgages, how are they supposed to afford groceries at continuously soaring prices? Inflation will continue to hurt our already struggling economy.

  • Inflation is a problem.

    Yes, inflation is a problem right now. There are many families struggling to get by in the United States today, and when the necessities they purchase on a regular basis go up in price, this is a huge problem for them. It becomes harder for them to support their families, and this can potentially increase the amount of depression, suicide, domestic violence, divorce, etc. in this country.

  • Yes, it is harming our economy.

    Right now, inflation is one of the biggest problems facing America. The main reason is that many necessities, such as groceries, are increasing in price due to inflation, but at the same time salaries are not keeping up. This means that if something is not done to keep up with inflation, Americans will, on average, be less wealthy.

  • Yes, it is harming our economy.

    I think that it is safe to say that inflation is this country is indeed a problem. With the economy being as bad as it is, it is much harder for people to get raises or to otherwise earn more money. Despite this, prices keep increasing, which is a huge problem.

  • Inflation is low

    Inflation is the rising costs of products over time. We are not seeing that in today's economy. The real problem is two fold. On average, we as Americans, have more spendable income than every before. If you look at the basic life survival needs, almost all can pay these, it is the wants that kill the American's pocket. The second is Americans do not save enough to make large purchases or for retirement. Very few buy a car and put cash down. A trade, or finance it all. Every person should have an IRA for their own retirement and not end up 60, 70 or older living on Social Security. You have a choice, take responsibility for your own life and get right for yourself.

  • Many Years Since

    Its been fussed over for years and people then were saying we were on the brink and people now are saying we're on the brink-it does not work because we have our own currency and borrow in that currency. Look at Japan, a country that, like America, has its own currency and borrows in that currency, and has much higher debt relative to G.D.P. than we do. Since taking office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has, in effect,... Persuaded investors that deflation is over and inflation lies ahead, which reduces the attractiveness of Japanese bonds. And the effects on the Japanese economy have been entirely positive! ... Why then should we fear it here?

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