• Informative, based in fact,

    I have listened to many shows on info-wars. Alex does take some points to extreme, but it is not what I would consider "fear mongering" any more than the local weather broadcaster. I have fact checked many points they relay - and by doing so, have found their broadcasts to be spot on. There are so many stories the "mainstream media" shuffles under the rug, or downplays. I will continue to listen to him. I do have to say - the folks on the "no" side could not provide examples of "fear mongering" or propaganda..... And I find that quite interesting.

  • Near complete reliability, in a company that challenges the mainstream, I'd expect it to get LOTS of unilateral criticism.

    Alex Jones has admitted himself, his outlet of media and conspirational speculation is by no means 100% accurate, but he DID predict 9/11, he DID expose the Bohemian Grove, and his successful backlog in this field negates his underfunded organisation that unjustly isn't always capable of obtaining all the figures to back 'evidence' especially when the 'figures' are owned by the mainstream media, you can't blame him.
    At the heart of the organisation, Alex promotes critical thinking, he always has an alternative viewpoint, even if that approach isn't always wholly accurate, his promotion of free thinking gives him so much credibility.

  • Infowars promotes curiosity which we all should have but have unfortunately lost

    Infowars allows the readers and viewers to make their own decision due to the research they should be doing. The subject matters and which he brings up are not mainstream because it's not propaganda. More or less there ahead of their time and people quite don't understand it unless you do your own research and always do your own research that's what Infowars promotes.

  • Why Infowars Is Biased But Reliable

    Infowars is a 'libertarian' news website that's synopsis of ideas is that there is a 'shadow government' of globalists that plan on one world government. So if you don't believe that you won't believe the majority of articles it's that simple. I personally DO believe that, after hundreds of hours of research. Which is all he asks you to do. Your own independent research. Whenever you see an article on the website that seems fishy, RESEARCH IT. You'll find they're true for the most part if not completely. Spooky.

  • Very reliable source

    Most topics can be researched further online and everything I've looked into further were true. Some items don't get into the MSM days, weeks, or months later if at all. Alex Jones provides many guests that are very knowledgeable. The reporters are top knot have and try to listen a few times a week or catch some videos of his online @ Facebook.

  • Infowars is reliable

    Alex Jones can be radical and slightly crazy at times and make some conspiracy theory stuff, but mostly Infowars provides very good stories from different viewpoint than what most of mainstream media feeds people. Plus, Infowars has a fair share of very good reporters / journalists other than Alex .

  • Infowars is reliable

    Alex Jones can be radical and slightly crazy at times and make some conspiracy theory stuff, but mostly Infowars provides very good stories from different viewpoint than what most of mainstream media feeds people. Plus, Infowars has a fair share of very good reporters / journalists other than Alex .

  • Completely Reliable Information

    Infowars has, multiple times, made predictions that have come true. They cover stories a week before it shows up anywhere else. They send real reporters all across the nation and ALWAYS keep their viewers updated. I have no problem with putting all of my trust into Alex Jones' Infowars. Com.

  • Brilliantly On Target

    Alex and his crew of patriots are true critical thinkers with an open and honest approach to what they do. They ask necessary questions. Why are there so many things that make ZERO sense, why do the powers paid by the people to look after the people, do little or nothing about these things? Why is there so much killing? Why are good people having so much bad done to them? Why do bad people at the top get off Scott free?
    Alex Jones, his crew and many, many other alternative medi sources help you to break the chains installed right out of the womb, so you can see clearly so almost all of it all makes sense.
    Like others have stated here, Alex lists his sources unlike the mainstream media which so many times says things like 'we cannot verify the following' But continue to spew out the crap they're told to vomit onto the screen. Then you can switch to 25 "NEWS" channels and hear the exact opening sentences verbatim. There are very few actual journalists today, because they fear getting fired if they don't repeat the government sanctioned narrative. Alex has top people who are more than credible...They are top people in their fields, and who are truly honorable for risking repercussions for speaking the truth.
    Should Alex be upset and rant, and is this a normal reaction to what's happening to people and the environment in the U.S., here in Canada, and globally? Your G-damned right it is. Fear mongering? People need a kick in their arses to get them to care more about making the world, and less about the latest drama series on Netflix. Infowars info is backed up by dozens and dozens of other great documentaries, books, scholars, news articles, podcasts, lecturers, scientists, politicians, historians, military personnel, former veterans, and uncontrolled journalists. If you call yelling "fire" when the place is burning down, so you can get people's attention and get them out alive, call it that. But it's a fear that is for a good purpose, and vastly different than the fear mongering every day in the mainstream media used to keep us in fear so others can take away OUR rights. A fear to not talk to our brothers and sisters but to stay in our houses and hide, and to pump money into our "protectors".
    So for anyone who says Jones is not credible, you're 1 of 3 things...Paid or coerced to say no, a computer troll, or your head's either in the sand or up your arse.
    It's easy to tear something down but it's hard work to build something up, so why don't YOU go out and do something good for the world...Build something of value that benefits someone you don't know. And remember, we'll all need a helping hand eventually, and if you don't help someone else now, how can you expect someone to help you when you need it.
    Peace and Love to you and yours.

  • Read this for a real unbiased and debatable response to this question

    I am judging this opinion solely on the debates that have been listed on this page. The people that voted yes are basing their opinions on the logical argument that the facts have been checked and are reliable. The people that have voted no seem to be basing their opinion on the fact that Infowars is fear mongering and reporting negative, paranoid news. Just as it is illogical to assume that something is a lie or untrue because it appeals to the "foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists" it is also illogical to assume that something is true because it appeals to the "sheeple". Examples are being asked of the people that voted no, but no examples are given. I agree that the news on Infowars is biased and appeals to a population with possible paranoia issues. I agree with the notion that Alex Jones interjects his news with wild delusions that are slipped into the stories to sound like fact, but I need to see real evidence that the news he reports is in no way true. If he is reporting hoaxes and satires, where is the disclaimer on his site? Just because a person does not like or agree with his news does not make the answer to the original debatable question, "is infowars reliable?", a no.

  • Hello deplorables and tiny-handed folks...

    Just figured I'd look wayy down there and say hello... Gets lonely up here sometimes... Infowars is not a credible news source... MSM will do anything and exploit anyone for a "grabber story". Why don't you do a smidge of research on your own and form an opinion that you don't have to be embarrassed about down the line? Don't be a kool-aid guzzler... It's ugly and it makes you look pitifully uneducated.

  • No, infowars is not reliable.

    No, infowars is not reliable. Infowars is almost solely based on controversial opinions that are created to get reactions out of people. They incite fear to peak people's interest. Most of the claims are absolutely false and baseless. A lot of the claims made aren't even plausible and against many rules/laws.

  • Suspicions Aroused on The Home Page

    Infowars is the creation of Alex Jones who believes there is a war on for your mind. This might be true, however, Jones has made his empire by proclaiming the exact opposite of the other journalists' points of views. The credibility of such a reactionary stance can be evaluated with any one of the Web Page Credibility Checklists provided by universities across the nation. My personal bias remains with those voices that offer life-enhancing suggestions to society. I am not sure I receive this encouragement on this site.

  • Guilty of a steady stream of fallacious arguments and conclusions:

    Constant errors in logical non sequiturs.

    Here are some: Appeal to probability – takes something for granted because it would probably be the case.
    Argument from fallacy – assumes that if an argument for some conclusion is fallacious, then the conclusion itself is false.
    Base rate fallacy – making a probability judgement based on conditional probabilities, without taking into account the effect of prior probabilities.
    Conjunction fallacy – assumption that an outcome simultaneously satisfying multiple conditions is more probable than an outcome satisfying a single one of them.

  • InfoWars full of Inuendo and invalid conclusions

    Every article is full of incorrect argument of logic and rhetoric resulting in a lack of validity.
    More generally, a basic lack of soundness. Explanations often lead to regressive middle-men without actually explaining the real nature of a function or a process. Instead, explain the concept in terms of the concept itself, without first defining or explaining the original concept. Explaining thought as something produced by a little thinker, a sort of homunculus inside the head, merely explains it as another kind of thinking.
    Also many Inflations of conflict – The experts of a field of knowledge disagree on a certain point, so the scholars must know nothing, and therefore the legitimacy of their entire field is put to question.
    Many forms of incomplete comparison – in which insufficient information is provided to make a complete comparison.
    Also inconsistent comparisons where different methods of comparison are used, leaving one with a false impression of the whole comparison.

  • Everything has a shade of opinion

    Some articles are posted with warnings at the end that always go along the lines of "get ready for the worst case scenario, go to this link." In other words, a form of advertising. All articles, even those that appear merely informative, appear to be selected because they conform to certain categories that affirm conspiracy theorists' beliefs. Some of the general headings are "world at war", "economic crisis", "big brother", "police state", etc. So infowars does reliably provide a source of news that will encourage readers to go hide in bunkers, but that is about it.

  • It isn't alright

    You can't take fear mongering or propaganda seriously. I mean there's just something inherently evil about the show not to mention stupid. All it is good for is making stupid people more afraid. They have no proof of their accusations. It makes me sick that people believe this blatant garbage.

  • It's the definition of unreliable

    If you consider Infowars credible, seek help. I'm not trying to be funny nor am I trying to insult you, that's a dead serious suggestion. If you think literally every tragedy that happens is an inside job by the government, you have mental issues that you need to address for quality of life reasons. Infowars is a cesspool and if you consider it anything else you are wrong.

  • File this under, duh.

    Infowars tends to do a poor job on multiple fronts:
    A. Vetting Sources
    B. Citing Sources
    C. Considering legitimate responses to arguments
    D. Parsing one's own fallacies
    E. Treating opposing arguments charitably

    As such, coming to the opposite conclusion of infowars is actually more accurate than infowars.
    The logic is just never right.

  • Evil, brainwashing monster.

    I once had a friend, she was normal. But one summer she saw this, the next year she was shouting stuff like "World health organisation is evil!!!" Hitler never killed Jews!!! Over all this show just introduce topics that scare the viewer into believing him. Overall I kinda am happy for this show because I made a bet with my friends "if the world has not completely been taken over by some super corporation in 20 years I will have you 500$" So yeah I thank the show for the money i will get in awhile, LOL.

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cherpcherp says2013-10-12T14:27:06.100
The truth is hard to swallow, I get that. Alex Jones is fanatical (bc sponsers and listeners won't flock to an apathetic commentator, don't confuse passion for lunacy), but he does his homework and his journalists actually do field work. The other news outlets you are comparing Infowars to are PR stations for Washington DC. 6, I repeat SIX, corporations control 90% of the mainstream media so it's easy to spread and perpetuate the Government's agenda and to taint the reputations of alternative media journalists. Alex is not a Democrat or a Republican. It is easy to get caught up in party politics and discredit him because you feels he is fighting your party, but in-fact he is fighting tyranny. If you look at his track record, he has been more accurate than any other "news" broadcaster of today. I am a loyal listener, and I can tell some information he puts out isn't 100% true or is based a lot on opinion. Be an independent thinker and do your OWN homework. I don't believe any media outlet wholeheartedly, but based on track record ALONE, Infowars is more reliable than any Mainstream outlet.
thejoff says2013-11-06T21:01:42.663
Yes, and perhaps he goes to certain lengths to lead into ways to link his show to his sponsors. Though that might seem less than ideal, it still seems quite a bit better than expressing opinions in the name of newscasting, opinions which are in the best interest of corporate sponsors who aren't looking for sales from the broadcast but rather are looking to manipulate opinion so that less people are thinking about them. If he doesn't do that, he has no money to do what he does. So if one will berate him for his shameless commercialism, one is no doubt forgetting that if he doesn't do it he has no money and he's not the subject of our debate. So many folks seem to give the mainstream media a pass because we don't see them hawking the nuclear bombs and impossible to shut down safely nuclear reactors of their sponsors and alex has to hawk sometimes sketchy products to pay his bills. Funny how so many of his detractors can't imagine that he's making less than millions and buying yachts with it or that the main stream media is somehow honorable for being linked to general electric and monsanto.