• What is the point?

    What is the point of posting weird selfies? What is the point of having a site that makes you more stupid? You don't learn anything from it, apart from who does the weirdest selfies or takes the funniest photos. When children and teenagers apply to universities and for jobs, the interviewers can look at your accounts to see how stupid you are. Instagram (and Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media site) is stupid!

  • Welcome to selfie city! Population: everyone

    That's great that everyone has an app so that they can post stupid pictures of them looking weird. Most cyber bulling in children happens on Instagram. People judge you on the amount of followers you have and it can be horrible. Colleges look at these kind of things even from when they are kids. Also, people and children are putting themselves out there and exposing almost every aspect of their lives during that. Instagram is stupid!

  • ALL social media is detrimental!

    I agree that Instagram is no good, but neither is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, or any other form of social media.

    Children don't learn what is truly important in life and don't know how to respect those who are different than themselves. There is also a lack of social contexts and knowing how act in certain social situations. Self-esteem is also decreased because they are only looking at value based upon how many followers or friends they have online. I wonder many offline friends they have.

  • Instagram is a site for attention whores, spammers, narcissistic insecure people

    Instagram is a site for attention whores, spammers, people trying to sell you all kinds of crap, insecure people who need constant likes and attention for validation. These so called "models" may even be prostitutes just google it yourself its a waste of time. I think it's pathetic how people obsess over getting 'likes' and 'followers' to feed their egos. I don't have time to obsess over things like that. Just watch it it's just becoming a huge spammy website just like facebook. NOT interested

  • Whats the point?

    In 20-30 years are those pictures going to give you a promotion? Or pay your rent, buy you a house? In 30-40 year are people still going to be going on about hot, pretty, handsome you are? Are you still going to have the same body you had in your teens? NO. ONE. WILL. CARE later on in life about how many followers you have or had...Or how many likes you got

  • It is stupid!

    Why are people always panicking to take those stupid selfies on that stupid website!? They act like they will die if they not take one stupid useless selfie on stupid website full of stupid people that just want more followers and likes that are useless in real life! So what if they have lots of followers and likes, that doesn't change anything to real life so it's stupid and not only on instagram but on all social media!

  • What is the point??????!!!!!!!???????

    People can choose whether to act stupid or not and social media is not gonna stop them so yes, you can blame the people or the website. Or you can blame both! People are getting dumber every single day, dancing cats and foxes dabbing! Do something useful with your life!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Jesus!

  • Yes yes yes

    Instagram itself isn't necessarily stupid, as it has its uses. I guess anyway. It is the folks that use it and how they use it that is stupid and annoying. If I ever have to sit next to a teenager or 20 something again and watch them take pictures of the stupid faces they make every 10 seconds, I just might punch them. Jail be damned, the satisfaction would be so wonderful!

  • Instagram causes drama

    Instagram is terrible and horrendous because it causes drama all I hear in class is some stupid Instagram drama and people are TRYING TO make me get it but I say no because of how immature it is and that social media is not educational and makes your brain rot.

  • . . .

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  • Absurd to blame a website

    Instagram is merely a social media site, saying it is stupid is stupid. And why blame the website for the deeds of its users? Many people may use instagram to boast about their wealth, clothes, and body, but they aren't forcing it down people's throats. People choose to follow these people. People choose to downgrade themselves when they start comparing themselves with others on instagram.

    There's not really much difference between Instagram and Facebook. And it is always our choice to set up an account or not. If one does not like instagram, then one does not use instagram. Do not blame social media for the degradation of the present generation, it is the job of parents to raise children right and teach them proper conduct so they do not become cyber-bullies. And even without cyber-bullying, there is bullying in person. Bullies are not made by social media, they are raised. Back when it was still the dawn of television people were also blaming television for everything. Always there has to be an object to project all the blame to. Why not look into the mirror for a change?

    Posted by: GKY
  • Saying Something you Don't Like is Stupid is Foolish

    Instagram isn't stupid. People say that social media isn't really being social, that it doesn't teach kids what they need to know. That doesn't make any sense, it's allowing them to communicate with others and branch out. So much information passes digitally now, it's not like it's a disadvantage to learn to communicate that way. People also blame Instagram for cyber bulling. That's just silly. If it didn't happen online, it would happen in person.

  • Users can be stupid, but the website is not

    I have a comedy instagram account where I post every day and thousands of people laugh at it. It is a fun hobby for me and my viewers enjoy it. There are some stupid people on instagram but there are also creative, funny, inspiring, and good people on instagram. And even if someone does post a pointless selfie, who are you to judge them?

  • Nah it's a creative and interesting site.

    You have friends, you can see their pics and be like oh such a nice place, or you can follow an artist or photographer and see some really nice pictures, you can follow someone in fashion, or a cake designer or baker, or a scientist taking pictures of cool innovative things, the possibilities are endless, there is much more to instagram that following Kim Kardashian.

    It's a great idea and site/app.

  • Depends on the person.

    IT depends on the user. Some people ONLY post selfies, which is stupid. But some people take beautiful pictures of really beautiful locations and want to share them with the world. It's a great way for photographers to go public, and for people who want to share they're loves, or (sigh), post pointless selfies.

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