• Internet is a blessing of god

    Internet is good in my opinion because I helps to communicate with other persons. When our relatives are abroad when can't talk with them but the internet make it possible. Even now people are learning from internet. Students read and understand the questions properly in internet so, in my opinion inter net is a blessing of god.

  • The internet is good

    Think about sugar. Sugar can lead to diseases but it is very useful when used properly. Visualize a knife. It can be used to cut vegetables or it can be used to cleave peoples heads. But I dont notice anyone saying knives should be banned. The internet can be used for good or bad but the good outweighs the bad. Typing this in a hurry so sorry for any grammatical errors

  • Yes, it can be a good thing.

    The online world has given us a global perspective and access to any information that we might need.
    It has allowed us to meet old friends and potential partners. However, if taken to excess where one does not pay attention to the people and activities in front of you, it can be very bad also.

  • Internet usage is good

    The Internet conveys so much information you would not be able to access otherwise. You can talk to people on the other side of the planet and see that we are all not very different. You can connect with family in far away places. You can locate items that aren't available locally. The Internet adds great things to the human experience.

  • Its a bad thing

    Internet is a place in which many people can do what ever they want. Like pornography. There are almost 4.2 million of these types of sites. Also places like the dark web where people can trade illegal things like, say drugs. The internet has lots of good things, But has even more bad things than good things. So is say that the internet is bad

  • Internet is good and bad but mostly bad

    High use of the Internet can cause ADHD and kill brain cells. It can also cause cyber bullying and addiction.Kids these days use the internet to hurt other by example like facebook you can talk negative stuff about other people.Internet has caused many problems worldwide be it be bullying or hacking many people is being affected by this wide spread of information which affect life and has led to many cases of sucide. Criminals or hackers it is a minute’s thing to hack your account and post embarrassing things about you on social networking sites like facebook ,twitter ,instagram ,etc.Now a days people use internet more for entertainment not for accessing information and not for increasing their knowledge.Internet users are often threatened by virus attacks on their systems. Virus programs are inconspicuous and may get activated if we click a seemingly harmless link.You may think it is the problem with the person not the internet but you are wrong. The internet holds a big hand in spoiling a human. The internet has so many things that it attracts more and more people everyday.I agree that everything has its bad and good things but the internet's bad things are very harmful.People say that they don’t have time but if they can have time but if they can have all the time in the world for electronics then why can’t they spare some time for a little research.

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